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20 1 4 N ov e m b e r Printwear | 45 "Global brands with a clear brand image and strong marketing are gaining momen- tum. Brands that appeal to the broad con- sumer market and are staying current and/ or driving trends have been successful in the corporate market." — Bret Slane, RiveR's end TRading Co. value to the brand or company name that is decorated on the item." — Bret Slane, RiveRs end TRading Co. "The typical retail-branded customers in our market are looking for added expos- ure and association to quality with their customers. By using retail-branded appar- el, the company that may be outfitting its staff would want to relate the level of ser- vice and quality of what it does to these retail brands. Sometimes, this becomes a stamp of approval to the customer if the staff and representatives are wearing re- tail-branded apparel." — elSon Yeung, alphabRodeR / ash CiTy What trends are you seeing in this market? "Trends that I see in this market are the use of performance fabrics and details, even on basic items. The promotional apparel indus- try has become exponentially more mature in terms of offering on-trend designs and new technology. In order to keep relevant to the knowledgeable customers in this mar- ket place, retail-branded apparel companies are offering what people are seeing in retail. This is truly a nod to our industry as, in the past, many retail brands would offer simple basics with their logos on it." — elSon Yeung, alphabRodeR / ash CiTy "The latest trends include demand for po- ly-based performance products, for in- stance, athletic-based garments as well as T-shirts with a softer hand made of lighter weight fabrics." — Sam gerBer, bodek and Rhodes "In terms of decorations, we are seeing more tonal logos being used with updated placement consideration, such as the back of the neck or sleeve versus left chest. Brand names are still on display but in a more sub- tle way for the wearer." — ShelleY renning, sanMaR To advertise in the Marketplace, contact Diane Gilbert 800-669-0424, ext. 297 • MarketPlace DiSPlaY aDvertiSinG Grow Your buSineSS wiTh

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