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4 6 | Printwear N ov e m b e r 20 1 4 "In terms of the more retail-friendly styles in this category, 100 percent cotton ring-spun Ts and poly blends are hot. Customers are into softness, which is what both of these trends represent." — Marcia cuMberledge, TSC AppArel What are the biggest challenges in this category? What ad- vice can you offer to decorators for selling retail-branded appar- el to clients? "It is crucial that we educate pro- motional products distributors and decorators as to how to sell these products to the end user. All parties involved need to understand why these products offer a better overall value proposition than less fashion- able counterparts, despite higher pricing. We also need to overcome the misconception that fashionable prod- ucts won't fit the average person. From a promotional perspective, the greatest value comes with superior com- fort in today's more contemporary fab- rics, as this encourages the consumer to wear the company's message more often. Thus, more visibility for promotional messaging." — SaM gerber, Bodek And rhodeS "Traditional promotional apparel started in the men's world with a one-size-fits-all ap- proach, and outfitting women was almost an afterthought. Today, women often drive the buying decisions, so fit and design are key to ensuring that the apparel is a want- to-wear versus a have-to-wear item. Focus- ing on providing a consistent fit as well as paying attention to design details, such as unique neck lines and sleeve treatments, are key to resonating with female consumers and, in turn, helping sales." — Shelley renning, SAnMAr "Price is usually an obstacle when selling retail-branded apparel. If a decorator is pushing a retail brand, they have to sell the 'name' because 99 percent of the time there is a wearable available at a lower price with- out sacrificing quality." — lori helMS, CArolinA MAde "I don't believe there are challenges in sell- ing this category as long as you are selling it to the right customer. Our industry has become much more knowledgeable and sophisticated. Our customers know what they are looking for, so take the time to lis- ten and get to know the products that are available for you to show." — elSon yeung, AlphABroder / ASh CiTy pw The brand association tied to retail-branded apparel can often instill a sense of securi- ty to customers. (Image cour- tesy alphabroder/Ash City) retail- branded apparel

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