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6 0 | Printwear N ov e m b e r 20 1 4 | | | | Hart of EmbroidEry by HeleN Hart momseN Helen Hart Momsen has been a member of the embroidery industry for more than three decades. She is the owner of Virginia-based Hart Enter- prises. Widely published in the industry's trade press, Momsen is a monthly columnist and feature writer for NBM's Printwear magazine. Momsen found- ed the Embroidery Line, an Internet forum where embroiderers can share ideas and offer assistance and encouragement to newbies and veterans alike ( She developed and sells the Hart Form, a business-ordering aide used by many professional embroiderers. Momsen is also the author of two embroidery-related books: Professional Embroidery: Business by Design and Professional Embroi- dery: Stitching by Design, available on the Web at a ren't you impressed when you pick up an order and can tell simply by the presenta- tion that the staff has taken extra care? I am. I love the pampered feeling I get, and it is one step in the process that will bring me and my pocketbook back. Pay attention to the finishing touch- es and you will find that your coddled customer will return for more of your high-quality service—from start to finish. First things First The garment is stitched. What's next? Trim the back- ing? Not so fast. First, look over the design while it is in the hoop to make sure the upper thread hasn't broke or the bobbin didn't run out at the end of stitching time. This can happen without warning from the machine, so make sure you have full top stitching and bobbin thread securing the design to the very end. Carefully slide the hoop out from under the needle. Haste can make waste as you risk knocking the hoop against the needle, which can bend or break it. Worse, you the Finishing touch Professional presentation for positive impressions Lint rollers work well for finding threads. (All images courtesy the author)

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