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20 1 4 N ov e m b e r Printwear | 65 JUST MAKE IT LOOK GOOD To "JMILG," we need the following information: What product? Style, size, color, and quantity? What design? Where does the design go? What size is the design? What are the thread or appliqué colors? When do you need it? We cannot begin the order until we have all the information. If we have to guess, and you are not pleased with the result, there are no refunds. All JMILG orders must be paid in full in advance. Once customers know what information is required to successfully meet their expecta- tions, it's not hard to get those answers. It's simply a matter of getting the customer to think about it for a moment with us. We also keep a binder at the sales counter with examples of our six most popular fonts embroidered on fabric that are presented in sheet protectors. Each page has one line of text in the following sizes: 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 2", and 3". We had a few pages of sew outs of different sizes and shapes of left-chest designs, ranging from small designs to a few oversized designs. Customers often request a design size that runs on the larger side, which increases costs and doesn't always look good. When this happens, I find the business card trick is effective for establishing the ideal design size. If the customer is wearing a left-chest design, ask him or her to hold the business card over the design, and if the customer is not wearing a left- chest design, our staff always is. Most of the time, the card covers the majority of the design and looks right on the shirt—not too small and not too large. Now you and the customer can agree that a left-chest design should fall in the 2-1/2" X 3" range, depending on the proportions of the design's shape.

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