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A Case for the Combo Combine direct printing and heat transfers to increase profit b y C h r i s P l u C k 82 | Printwear N ov e m b e r 20 1 4 C ombining heat transfers with textile printing has long been in practice. Some- times called a "name drop," the function appeals to screen print practitioners as a means to use a generic piece of artwork—for in- stance, an ocean beach scene—and by heat transfer application, add a specific name—such as Waikiki or St. Tropez—onto the image or in close proximity to it. In the resort market, the screen printed graphic often takes the shape of a classic photorealistic re- production where the image's style has dreamy, soft, romantic connotations, such as birds in flight and palm trees silhouetted against the background of a blood-red sunset. Another area where this dual combination works well is in the restaurant business. Years ago, multi- ple restaurant chains used graphics depicting kitchen This two-part image uses a halftone heat trans- fer with the beatles in a matte finish and glitter refraction flower design with a gloss finish. (All im- ages courtesy the author) Chris Pluck has been closely associated with the imprinting of textiles for more than thirty years, initially working in Eu- rope with heat fusible transfer systems, in both screen printing and Offset Lithog- raphy technologies. He then became in- strumental in establishing inventive heat fusible printing products and print application methods. Pluck has been living and working in the USA since 1993 and has gained recognition in all aspects of the printed textiles industry, focus- ing on business marketing and inventive print applications. He is currently employed as business development director at Insta Graphic Systems, Cerritos, California. Insta is a leading provider of custom print transfers and manufacturer of world class Heat Press Machines. He resides in Southern California.

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