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HI TINASHE! THIS IS THE SECOND TIME I'VE HAD THE PRIVILEGE OF INTERVIEWING YOU, WHAT I LIKE IS THAT I CAN ALREADY SEE GROWTH FROM THE PREVIOUS TIME...WAS THAT PART OF YOUR TEAM'S VI- SION FOR YOU? I don't know if that was the origi- nal plan, but the plan just chang- es as things progress, and 2 on has been such a success that I've been able to perform a lot more shows and visit a lot more plac-'s exciting. JUST SO PEOPLE CAN GET AN IDEA OF WHO YOU ARE, YOU STARTED OFF DOING FILMS...WHAT'S YOUR BACKGROUND? As a kid I loved to be on stage and entertain, that's how I fell in love with acting. I did a lot of movies and commercials and TV shows just as a kid, I was going on tons of auditions. When I was about fifteen I decided to take a step back from acting so that I could really establish myself as a music artist. I've taken a break [from acting] for the past few years...I'll get back into it someday. Music is my main focus right now. YOU WERE IN THE GIRL GROUP STUNNERS, YOU HAD A MA- JOR LABEL DEAL WITH THEM... YOU'VE EVEN OPENED FOR JUSTIN BIEBER...HOW DID YOU PROGRESS INTO THAT GROUP AND WHAT HAVE YOU TAKEN FROM THAT INTO YOUR SOLO CAREER? I auditioned for that group, we weren't really friends or any- thing beforehand, I got cast and I thought 'I'll try this out and see where it goes'. It was fun then to transition into doing my own stuff because it's so much more fulfill- ing now to create my own mu- sic and make my own decisions about things. I GET THE IMPRESSION YOU WERE A BIT RESTRICTED...? Yeah, I couldn't express myself to my full potential. I wasn't writ- ing the music at the time, I wasn't making the creative decisions so it's much more fulfilling now. LET'S TALK ABOUT 2 ON...COS THAT TOOK THING FOR ANOTHER LEV- EL...THE VIDEO HAS CLOCKED UP [32,000,000] VIEWS...! And counting! Well, I wanted to create a song [in] which I could showcase my dancing and that I could hear in the clubs, cos I turned 21 this year and that's the age in America which you can go out. I wanted something I could dance to and have fun to. The music video, I thought it was a fun 'getting to know who Tinashe is' for those who weren't familiar with my mixtapes. And then the Drake remix...I didn't even ask him to make that remix he just did it. I found out on Twitter...I was pretty happy to say the least! READING AND LEEDS FESTIVALS, XOYO...YOU'RE BECOMING A FIX- TURE NOW IN THE UK! WHAT WAS YOUR MOST MEMORABLE EXPERI- ENCE FROM THOSE UK PERFOR- MANCES? I loved performing at those fes- tivals because I feel like it gave me a chance to make some new fans, they're not your built in fan base...XOYO was also really fun 'cos a lot of my old fans who have been following me for years came out and they obviously knew all the words to the songs and were just pumped up, great energy. LET'S TALK ABOUT AQUARIUS, WHICH [WAS] OUT ON THE 6TH OF OCTOBER. WHAT CAN WE EXPECT FROM AQUARIUS AS OPPOSED TO YOUR MIXTAPES NOW? I think it definitely has the same essence as some of my mixtapes and I tried to keep true to who I was and true to my fans who have been supporting my music for a while. Probably the biggest dif- ference is that the production val- ues have definitely increased cos we have the creme de la creme... DJ Mustard, Mike Will, Dev Hynes, Ritz Reynolds, Stargate... AND THERE'LL BE A WHOLE LOAD OF REMIXES I'M SURE! MOVING ON, YOUR NAME TINASHE MEANS 'GOD WITH US' IN THE ZIMBABWEAN SHONA LANGUAGE. IS THIS SOME- THING WHICH IS CENTRAL TO YOUR CREATIVITY? I try to involve that in who I am as an artist and try to stay true to my roots in all aspects... YOUR NEW SINGLE PRETEND, FEA- TURING A$AP ROCKY IS TOTAL DEPARTURE FROM 2 ON WHICH SPEAKS VOLUMES FOR YOUR VER- SATILITY. YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT DENIAL IN A RELATIONSHIP... WHAT'S THE CREATIVE HISTORY BEHIND THAT SONG? I wanted to give people another side of me with that song, I feel like it did that and it shows my versatility as an artist which is important for people who only knew 2 On. It's about being in a relationship and how not ev- erything is always 'easy' and correct and maybe just don't want to deal with certain issues cos it just makes things more complicated...I feel like it was very relate-able. WAS IT BASED ON PERSONAL EXPE- RIENCE? Yeah it was based on real events.. it's never 100% on point but it was based on personal experience. THANKS FOR PASSING THROUGH TINASHE! 7 19 Issue 68 / 2014 HIPHOP / RNB " It's so much more fulfilling now to create my own music and make my own decisions about things " Follow @Tinashe We meet Tinashe, a force of nature who has already achieved so much, yet shows no sign of halting - this girl is reaching for the stars! Mr Wonda |

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