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November 2014

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10 Potato Grower | NOVEMBER 2014 New Products LATEST AND GREATEST Senninger Magnum Weight Senninger Irrigation, Inc. is proud to announce the worldwide release of the Magnum Weight, the most economical weight for center pivot sprinklers. Unlike most drop weights currently available, the Magnum Weight is a filled weight constructed out of UV- and corrosion-re- sistant thermoplastic. This thermoplastic construction allows Sen- ninger to price the weight at just $5.75 per unit, making it almost 10 percent more economical than the company's One Weight and making each pivot sprinkler package a little more economical. The Magnum Weight is also largely immune to price fluctuations common with metal weights dependent on zinc and copper materi- als for construction. In other words, the low price is here to stay. Growers working in areas where metal theft is common will also be happy to know that the Magnum Weight contains no metal parts. Contact Senninger Irrigation at www.senninger.com. McCrometer TrendView App The new TrendView mobile app for McCrometer's CON- NECT Wireless Irrigation and Crop Monitoring System is an innovative smartphone tool that shows farmers and irriga- tors handy views of what's going on in their fields. The new CONNECT TrendView app is designed for Android and iOS smart phones. For growers and irrigators on the go, criti- cal crop management data is now easily and securely displayed by phone in customizable quick-look colorful graphic views so they can make fast, informed decisions. T-L Precision Mobile Drip Irrigation With an eye toward helping growers deal with water shortages and pumping restrictions, T-L Irrigation Co. is teaming with Netafim, Inc., a world leader in drip irrigation products, in introducing a new version of T-L's unique Precision Mobile Drip Irrigation (PMDI) system. PMDI technology combines the ben- efits of T-L's hydrostatically powered center pivot irrigation systems with the efficiency of drip irrigation for total wa- ter efficiency that approaches 95 percent. Universally available for all new or used pivot or linear irrigation systems, PMDI features in-line driplines spaced at 60-inch inter- vals that are pulled through the field by a center pivot or lateral move irrigation system. Lines can also be spaced at 30- or 40-inch intervals. As the hoses are pulled behind the system, emitters, spaced every six inches, deliver an even water pattern across the full length of the pivot or linear system. Because PMDI drip lines do not put water out in the air, the evaporation and wind drift associated with traditional sprinklers are virtually eliminated, putting more water directly onto the soil surface. User experience has shown the factor of additional manage- ment to be far outweighed by the benefits of improved watering efficiency. Producers have also experienced reduction in wheel track problems since the PMDI drip lines emit water behind the pivot wheels, which then are running on dry ground. Contact T-L Irrigation at (800) 330-4264 or www.tlirr.com. Verbruggen VPM-BL Palletizer In that vein, Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions intro- duces its VPM-BL machine. It is used for palletizing boxes and crates and oper- ates on the rotation/push principle. To meet the increasing demand for flexibility in working with various packaging options, Verbruggen has developed a combined manipulator system for palletizing bags, boxes and crates with the same machine. Until recently, this could only be done with separate bag, box and crate manipulators, but the new combined system is integrated into one manipulator capable of achieving a higher capacity. The VPM-BL can palletize 50 ten-pound bags per minute. Whatever the size or type of packaging, volume or composition of the product, Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions either already has a solution available or can develop one. Contact Verbruggen at www.verbruggen.nl. Saf-T-Gard Product Catalog Saf-T-Gard International, Inc. of- fers its 2014-15 print catalog, which brings to life more than 233 pages of leading safety products over colorful photos and benefit-driven descrip- tions. Featuring more than 100 dif- ferent premium and house-brand names like 3M, Ansell, Honeywell Safety Products, Ambi-Gard, Visi- Gard and Voltgard spread across 14 different product categories, the new catalog houses a wealth of informa- tion that is easy to find. Moreover, various safety tips and selec- tion guides provide valuable reference tools that, when combined with the vast product offering, deliver the ultimate safety resource for workers in every industry. Explore Sar-T-Gard's new catalog to see how Saf-T-Gard can lend its 78 years of service and expertise to assist with any or all of your safety needs. Visit www.saftgard.com/catalogrequest today to request a free copy.

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