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November 2014

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www.potatogrower.com 11 New Products LATEST AND GREATEST Outback Guidance Auto Steer Systems Building on the prov- en performance of the industry's best-selling aftermarket steering systems, Outback Guid- ance introduces three new precision auto steer systems. Two of these are next generation systems from AgJunc- tion's highly successful eDrive auto steer series. These include the new eDriveXD, which offers decimeter- level accuracy, and the new high- performance eDriveXC with centi- meter accuracy. The eDriveX Series products are engineered for compatibility with a wide variety of brands of tractors, sprayers, spreaders and combines via hydraulic or electric steer interfaces. Both systems are designed to be fully compatible with the Outback MAX or Outback STX advanced GPS guidance terminals. Outback Guidance also introduces a new electric steering interface system, eDriveESI, which puts accurate automated steer- ing performance within reach of virtually any producer and any application. Used with a hydraulic interface or with the eDriveESi system, the eDrive Series systems provide straight, contour and circle pivot modes for maximum versatility. They are available in model- specific installation kits for quick installation on over 2,600 makes and models of equipment. Contact Outback Guidance at www.outbackguidance.com. Root Demand Irrigation Root Demand Ir- rigation announces a revolutionary, subsur- face irrigation method to help growers improve underperforming acres using less water, energy and time. Based on the natural processes of plant growth, this new method provides plant-driven irrigation from the ground up. The RDI solution was co-developed by Valmont Irrigation and DuPont after years of extensive research on the natural process of root exudation, a means in which the plant roots send "signals" to release water from the RDI tube. Water is delivered at low pres- sures to plant roots via a proprietary RDI tube. At the centerpiece of RDI is a series of subsurface distribution tubes, porous along their entire length (unlike other types of sub- surface irrigation) and positioned below the root zone. The RDI tube is fully compatible with fertigation and chemigation; it also eliminates filtration concerns as the filter is small enough to fit in the palm of a hand and filtration maintenance is handled with ease. Side-by-side comparisons show that RDI delivers the same or slightly higher yields, while using 40 percent less water than adja- cent flood-irrigated acres. RDI is currently being offered in limited commercial release through select dealers. To learn more about RDI, visit www.rootdemandirrigation.com. Bestway Pro-Mount 360 Sprayer Bestway, Inc., a leading manufac- turer and marketer of agricultural sprayers, recently announced the introduction of the Pro-Mount 360 three-point mounted sprayer. The new Pro-Mount360 features an industry exclusive hy- draulic front folding Pro-Flex 60-foot spray boom built from Bestway's proprietary FiberWorks fiberglass composite. Fi- berWorks is one-third the weight of steel yet three times more impact resistant, providing owners an extremely durable boom system versus conventional steel X-fold design booms. A 300-gal- lon oval product tank helps keep the weight close to the tractor for improved lift capacity. Standard features include Live hydraulic boom controls, ac- cumulator boom suspension, Hypro hydraulic pump, chemical inductor, TeeJet 450 boom section control valves and 42-inch ver- tical height range of center mast for spraying taller crops. Options for the Pro-Mount 360 include a 50-gallon rinse tank system, electric fence row nozzles, two-sensor AutoGlide automat- ic boom height control, and several spray controller options. Contact Bestway at (877) 390-4480. Brookside Agra H 2 OExcel Brookside Agra's H 2 OExcel is an all- natural, biodegrad- able water conserva- tion agent that helps improve water conservation and reduce the need for water. This unique product is a proprietary formula using extracts from desert plants, which have the natural ability to absorb water faster than other plant life. When H 2 OExcel is applied with water, it reduces the surface tension, thereby allowing hardening soils to retain water three to five times faster. Helping soils absorb water more quickly and effi- ciently, H 2 OExcel helps businesses reduce time, money and energy needed to maintain healthy turf and crops. Once embedded in the soil, H 2 OExcel will not harm plants, animals or humans. H 2 OExcel is recommended for crops, putting greens, fairways, landscaping, lawns, gardens, planters, flower beds and tree care. The product is available in 96 countries, helping those in agriculture become more sustainable. Contact Brookside Agra at (618) 628-8300 or www.brookside- agra.com.

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