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20 1 4 D EC E M B E R PRINTWEAR | 49 FOLLOW YOUR BLISS In a world full of provocative media, shock value has reached a saturation point. As a result, the notion of a simple life, with its lighthearted values and uplifting aesthetic, appeals to many today. The concept of un- plugging from electro-charged lives offers a sense of freedom for the overstimulated masses. Intuition is favored over traditional stan- dards with hopes that following this inner guide leads to finding true happiness. Vi- sions of sunsets by the beach, gardens in bloom, and summer fruit provide a refresh- ing escape from the tribulations of daily life. Colors are fresh, playful, and evoke a relaxed and happy-go-lucky vibe. Trans- parency adds dimension, allowing for the ability to build color or reveal product in packaging. Tip: Print these fresh, playful colors with a high-gloss finish, add embossing inks to enhance softness, or add low pigment levels to clear bases for a soft translucent color. BEYOND LAND AND SEA Cool, water-inspired hues are paramount. Though seemingly opposite, land and sea balance one another, working together to carve and create coastlines. The sheer fragil- ity of the earth is expressed in this relation- ship, like a wave washing away a castle in the sand. Colors in the palette exemplify the dichot- omy of tranquility and strength of these two elements. Like a glimmer of sunlight reflect- ing off the waves, select hues are dotted with a hint of sparkle. Other texture influences include the colorful layers of rusted paint on the boat bottoms, and the choppy nature of land and sea creating crashing surf. Tip: Print neutral colors with soft puff or embossing effects to mimic natural ele- ments, add gloss and transparency to blue hues with clears, and incorporate metallics and shimmers reminiscent of aged metals. LUXURY PARADOX Luxury Paradox introduces us to a shift in extravagance, where nature is favored over machine. As natural resources become de- pleted around the world, their use becomes coveted. Global wealth reaches an all-time high, nurturing a new wave of entrepre- neurs who view luxury differently. Aware of environmental concerns, they want to use their money to make a difference. This awareness drives a preference for raw, untreated surfaces. It also celebrates the unique nature of the beauty of error in na- ture, encouraging irregularity and organic shapes. Colors are extracted from the earthy organic tones of unpolished rocks and minerals. Untreated, coarse, hammered, brushed, and oxidized finishes support the tarnished quality of the palette. Tip: Metallics, glitters, and foil effects lead this design trend. Print standard silver and gold hues to achieve various shades of aged metals or combine inks with foil effects for additional shine and mirror effects. BUILDING BLOCKS Vibrant primary colors remain strong for 2015. The continued success of these hues exemplifies the desire for clean, straightfor- ward color, which serves as a universal lan- guage across cultures. Color blocking provides a strong graph- ic element to design, aligned with artists, such as Piet Mondrian. The story catapults toward the future as the palette for new technology. These basic building blocks of color support the streamlined process of 3-D printing technology. Incorporating translucency allows the lines and layers of an object's composition to shine through. Gray supports the palette, replacing black as a modern point of definition for the palette. Tip: Print high-opacity primary shades with specialty touches and high-density inks through micron screens to build opac- ity and height. Add gloss effects to enhance color surface and brightness. These trends and tips may help you to better prepare for the changing styles de- manded by consumers in 2015, providing the advance notice you need to meet de- mands for increased speed to market and customization. pw M&R ' S STRYKER OVAL PRESS knows how to GET AROUND M&R SALES AND SERVICE, INC. 800-736-6431 · 630-858-6101 LEARN MORE AT MRPRINT.COM /PW STRYKER The Most Versatile T-shirt & Cut-Piece Press on the Market • Servo-drive system combines outstanding performance & greatly simplified design • 10-station base module can be expanded in 6-station increments to as many as 52-stations, ensuring that STRYKER can satisfy virtually any production scenario • Maximum image area 23.6" x 31.5" or 43.3" x 31.5" in double-index mode

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