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20 1 4 D EC E M B E R PRINTWEAR | 55 bons, and affix your business labels. More ambitious tissue stitchers can decorate the first four sheets so that the entire roll ap- pears embroidered. FOLLOWING UP AND THROUGH If you've already given a framed logo, try using your two best marketing tools: your ears. Listen when your client tells you about a new child, a wedding, or favorite hobby and center your gift on those shared details. Listening is one of the greatest gifts, and the proof of that in a memento is doubly sweet. An example of the impact a well-thought out gift can have, an elusive shirt order once became mine because of a hole-in-one. A warm call to a potential client resulted in a conver- sation about golf. He was excited as his 70-year-old father hit his first-ever hole-in-one the previous weekend. I asked all the pertinent questions, and soon thereafter a stock design of a golfer surrounded by the date and particulars resulted in an amazing memento—a patch for his golf jacket. I delivered the patch with a quote for the elusive shirts, and the order was mine. A special merry Christmas to my readers and all who inhabit this embroidery world of ours, and hugs enough to last the whole year through. Remember, if you can dream it, you can make it happen. I hope 2015 is your best year ever. —HHM pw This apron features per- sonal embroidery on top with a screen-print- ed conversion chart on the bottom. The wearer can flip up the fabric for easier reading. (Image courtesy Steve and Mel- anie Deymonaz, Key Embroidery)

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