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heat-applied transfer once it gelled under the dryer, and its backer gave the trans- parent offset inks color opacity when heat pressed onto dark fabric. You could not heat press the decal offset ink onto any garment if the white ink backer was missing. The white ink also gave the ink strength, stretch, and wash durability. In the wake of the initial success of the lithographic transfer came additions to the transfer graphic that established a new look to the offset transfer once ap- plied to the garment. By using a special- ly prepared gloss-coated transfer paper, heat transfer printers could add shine qualities to the matte-coated transfer by adding a second screen. This screen applied a glitter or metallic particle sus- pended in a clear plastisol carrier base to give the transfer glossy, glittery effects. When used appropriately, these effects could truly enhance the saleable worth of the transfers. Unlike the conventional vinyl plastisol or water-based screen inks that were read- ily available to heat transfer printers in the 1970s, this new offset transfer boosted transfer sales. Transfers could now align with a movie, rock, or pop graphic where often the image was an actual photograph of the movie or rock star. With the advent of digitally print- ed transfer images, lithographic offset transfers may seem doomed. However, large-format lithographic transfer graph- ics, especially ones that use photograph- ic reproduction, have a ways to go. The combination of ink and special effect finishes in the final transfer also enhanc- es interest. Today the lithographic offset transfer has truly secured its place in the foundation and development of heat transfer technology and history. Here are litho four-color process inks with a screen- printed white litho ink printed as a 100 percent backer over the offset ink. The white ink provides ink color opacity when applied to dark fabrics and also bonds the entire transfer to the garment. This shows an offset litho and screen-print- ed shimmer ink combo transfer. 20 1 4 D EC E M B E R PRINTWEAR | 93 pw

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