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92 • December 2014 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S What's It Worth? What to charge for building a trade show exhibit Don Woodard, president of Denver- based Blue Goose Exhibits, Inc., is a 30-plus year veteran of the exhibition industry. He is also the founder of Blue Goose U—the Exhibitor's Training Center, and the author of Fried Goose Eggs—e Exhibit User's Handbook. Don previously owned a successful sign shop, and is also an accomplished woodcarving artist ( He can be reached via email, or visit his web- site at E ver wonder how much to charge for your time and materials when designing and building a trade show exhibit? There are guidelines available to help determine how much a trade show exhibit is worth, as well as how much should be charged for the vari- ous services. The EDPA (the Exhibit Designers and Producers Association) provides information for exhibit com- panies and can be a valuable resource for you as an exhibitor or as a shop that builds or designs exhibits. In addition, the contacts you make within the industry are invaluable! Visit for more informa- tion. The Price of Exhibits Custom in-line exhibits, those that are 10' deep and either 10', 20', 30' or more wide are considered as in-line exhibits. They can be entered from only one side (the aisle side) unless it is located on a corner, which will allow entrance from two sides. The average selling price for custom, in-line exhibits is $138 per square foot, or $1,380 per linear foot. The average selling price for a custom 20' x 20' island exhibit is $154 per square foot. An island exhibit B y D o N W o o D A R D Trade Show Perspectives EXHIBIT & DISPLAY This Nomadic Display 10' portable pop-up display is used at many trade shows throughout the year, promoting the infor- mative books by Books of Discovery.

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