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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • December 2014 • 99 Step 41: Collect gold skewings in paper trough or envelope if possible. Step 42: Check for gaps, cracks and spots in the gild by passing over the gold with a piece of partially used patent sheet. Use stray gold remnants on the paper to make small repairs as you go. Step 43: When all exposed size areas are patched and brushed then promptly and lightly rub and swirl burnish over the gild with cotton to create a mellow soft shine on the other side. Step 44: Clean off gold that stuck to the exposed outline area with cotton and Sprayway window cleaner. Step 45: Scrape and clean areas in the outline where the size has bled under the mask. Step 46: Paint in black outline and the back of the letter at the same time using a roller, soft fitch or foam brush. Step 47: Pull up the rest of the mask quickly starting with the counter centers of each letter. Step 48: Scrape and clean unwanted paint smears and blemishes around the letters. Step 49: Tidy up kit and clean and oil bristle brushes. SDG The mask should come off rather promptly to avoid tears. There is a knack to this part and it takes practice. I just go softly and firmly, quickly and slowly, decisively and cautiously, tak- ing out the centers first, or not, or the other way around so I don't lose my mind with this stage. The completed job was done on-site in an amazingly efficient time of approximately 6-7 hours.

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