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100 • December 2014 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S Pinstriping Using Grids An easy way to layout a design Julian "Mr. J" Braet owns Mr. J's Sign Service in Paterson, N. J., and is the creator of Xcaliber striping brushes and preservative. For more methods to the madness, visit Mr. J's website at Send comments to Mr. J at B y J u L I A N " M R . J " B R A e T Jersey Style MASTER'S TOUCH The reason that I use the Zeke Lemanskie's Stripe A Line Grid System is that it is the easiest way to layout a design on almost any surface. It is clear and flexible and will definitely speed up your production time. The Stabilo waterbase pencils are indispensable for laying out the designs as well as allowing you to see your design ahead of time (in case you want to change any part). I used 1 Shot lettering enamel and its matching reducer. To clean out the brushes after use, I use mineral spirits and coat them with Xcaliber's Brush Preservative. The green fine-line tape is from FBS, and it's great. I tell my customers not to wash or wax for at least 72 hours. I used a wax and grease remover to make sure the surface was clean. (Do not skip this step, or you will have adhesion problems.) "Keep your brush wet." T his Dodge Ram truck was brought to me by one of my customers who I have worked with for many years. He's an avid car collector and top mechanic. Some of his rides are unique and most are original. So when he called saying that he bought this "mint" Dodge Ram pickup, I knew that it would be excep- tional. It looked better than new. When you have customers who really get it— meaning that they love pinstriping and allow you to do your thing—it doesn't get any better. I could do what I wanted using silver and red.

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