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December '14

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Using Zeke Lemanskie's Stripe A Line Grid System, I begin to create a design on the hood. I've already laid out a vertical and horizontal line with my trusty Stabilo pencil. As you can see, they're clear and contain many design elements. There are at least 12 more designs. After I'm satisfied with the design, I start to stripe the hood using a Mack green wrap #3. I mix a small amount of white into my silver for increased body. The paint is 1-Shot enamel. I use their warm tem- perature reducer to slow the drying down a little. The green tape is from FBS and is used as a guide only. Here's a shot of the hood with the Stabilo pencil (water base) lay- out. I started with the center designs and worked my way down the hood. S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • December 2014 • 101 I switch to a Mack #1 green handle for the design. You can see that the hardest part is to keep your hands or fingers out of the paint.

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