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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • December 2014 • 23 Third, check to see that all wiring and power supplies are located off of the raceway bottom. Wires and components lying on the bottom may receive water exposure. Raceways typically have drain holes but it is still a "best practice" to proactively prevent water exposure by mounting above the raceway bottom. For the power supply, this is often accomplished by placing an elevated mount on the bottom of the raceway (the mount is riveted to the raceway bottom.) The power supply is then placed on the mount, providing enough elevation to prevent water exposure. Last, it is also important that the "whips" (external wiring) extend out from the letter set a minimum of four feet. This provides your installer with adequate wire length to make the appro- priate interior connections. Raceway Mounted Letter Installation Raceways are constructed in differing ways. One item to take into consideration is whether the raceway will be supplied to you with a "hanger bar." A hanger bar is a flange located on the upper raceway back upon which the entire structure (race- way and letters) can be mounted. Not all raceways come with a hanger bar, and mounting without one can mean a more challenging installation. The lack of a hanger bar means that the body of the actual raceway must be used for letter mounting. This does not necessarily mean the mounting is any less secure, but it does mean a more difficult (and potentially more costly) installation. If you would like to cultivate a better relationship with your installer, insist on a hanger bar. It will simplify their instal- lation. Construction Materials Ideally, a raceway material will have three basic properties—high tensile strength, strong corrosion resistance and light weight. Aluminum is an excellent raceway material. It provides all three of these qualities. .063 gauge aluminum has sufficient tensile strength for most chan- nel letter mounts. Aluminum raceways can be either custom manufactured or extruded (pre- formed.) Custom manufactured raceways offer the advantage of complete flexibil- ity on raceway size and configuration. Steel is used by some producers but is heavier and less rust resistant. A rust- ing raceway is not only an eyesore—the corrosion may also affect the structural integrity of the sign. Portability and Relocation Another consideration for raceway- One interesting raceway function (and advantage) is the ability to house both wiring and electrical components. Power Your Creativity With a MultiCam ® The RIGHT CNC Cutting Solution for Your Application and Budget • Industry-leading innovations are simply the best values • Cut material waste, decrease job times and increase profits • Over 10,000 machines installed worldwide • Local service, training and support from over 60 Technology Centers with 20 across North America Digital Express Graph-X-Cutter 1025 West Royal Lane DFW Airport, TX 75261 972-929-4070 Router

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