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24 • December 2014 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ELECTRIC SIGNAGE mounted letters is the level of future sign portability. Your customer may wish to move their channel letter set to a dif- ferent location in the future. Raceway- mounted channel letters are far easier (and less costly) to remove and relocate than flush-mounted letters. A raceway- mounted sign can be removed from the facade as a single piece. Flush-mounted letters must be removed (and subse- quently remounted) one by one. Raceway Pricing vs. Flush Mount These raceway advantages come at a price. A raceway-mounted channel letter Electrical connection "whips" bundled prior to shipment. Installation Cost Your cost for a raceway-mounted channel letter installation will typically be lower than a flush-mounted let- ter installation. Flush-mounted letters involve a greater amount of time and labor. In many cases, an installer will prefer a raceway installation. It is a quicker and simpler project. Flush mounting requires an electrical knockout for each individual letter in the sign. Many signage installers believe they can get more productivity (and revenue) out of a given workday when they perform raceway installations rather than flush mount. Conclusion Overall, raceways are an important letter mounting option for your cus- tomer. Their positive features include simpler installation, easier service access and increased future sign portability. On the negative side, raceway- mounted letters are more costly than flush-mounted letters. This mounting type also causes a greater sign projection from the wall, which may not be accept- able for permitting in certain cities and municipalities. SDG sign will typically have a higher cost than a flush mounted set. Raceway mounting typically adds 25 percent to 35 percent to the price. Façade Contrast Typically, a raceway paint color will be selected based on the mounting surface texture and color. The idea is to blend in (rather than clash) with the building façade. A raceway that clashes with the façade color will detract from the sign's effectiveness and attention generating capacity. This introduces another potential quality variable. The type of raceway paint used is critical to the long term sign appearance. Some channel letter produc- ers will apply latex house paint on a race- way. This paint is not formulated for that application and will not last. Automotive grade acrylic polyure- thane paint is a superior alternative. It provides excellent protection against abrasions, stains, chemicals and weather. That is a good question to ask your cur- rent vendor when ordering a raceway- mounted letter set. Which type and grade of raceway paint will be used? Raceway with hanger bar.

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