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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • December 2014 • 29 Our focus on white is always to provide a wider stroke and have the flexibility for a more shallow application," says Allgood. "In the past few years, white LEDs have been accepted for use behind vinyl. The LEDs have improved, but so have the sign vinyls. We have several color tem- peratures in our white LEDs. Most of what we sell is in the 6300K color tem- perature. Typically, the warmer colors are going into some type of architectural applications, more so than outdoor sig- nage. The flexibility of white LEDs is there; you don't have to stock two dif- ferent colors in your sign shop. You can do most anything with white, except light red sign faces." Non-Phosphor White LED Though white LEDs have been per- fected using phosphor conversion, or as "perfected" as something so dynamic as LED technology can be, there's move- ment afoot to produce a true white LED that doesn't require phosphor conver- sion. "The new trend for white LED is to develop a white LED that eliminates the factor that can create instability, which is the phosphor. There is a movement underway to generate white LEDs with- out phosphors, but right now there's not a mature technology available," says Densen Cao, Ph.D., CEO of CAO Lighting, West Jordan, Utah. "For sign companies that will mean more reliable, less expensive white LEDs. And, a lower cost means that white LEDs will be pro- duced on a larger scale. It is expected by 2020 that all lighting will be LED, including all signage." Cao adds that another factor driving white LED development, and leading toward an all-LED lighting world, is the ability to produce LEDs on a larger sili- cone substrate of up to 12 inches instead of a 2-inch substrate. "With the production of LEDs from a two-inch substrate to 8-, 10- or 12-inch substrates, the production costs of LEDs can be reduced significantly," Cao says. "Soon LEDs will not be the most expen- sive part of lighting solutions. With the 800.258.0991 DigiMaxx™ is the first and only super-wide printable magnetic media made exclusively in the USA—now available from Magnum Magnetics in widths up to 48" and supported by our outstanding customer service. Print directly to super-wide magnet to create stunning retail signage or colossal wall graphics that really stick! For Quality That Can't Be Copied

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