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52 • December 2014 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S WRAPS DIGITAL GRAPHICS photos and Photoshop files; premium artwork files are linked to the iStock Photo website.—— Free vector artwork with links for premium files through the Shutterstock website. seeklogo—— Free vector logo downloads. Brands of the World—www.brand-—Free vector logo down- loads. Dollar Photo Club—www.dollar-—High-resolution photos and vector artwork for just one dollar per image. Mr Clipart—— Vehicle templates as well as collections of vector and raster-based software for purchase. Aurora Graphics—www.auroragraph-—Huge selection of raster and vec- tor based artwork, available as individual downloads or as artwork collections. Offers a design tool on their site for cre- ating wrap layouts that can be presented to your customer. PicJumbo—— Searchable database, and attribution is not usually required on these high-res- olution photos. Pixabay——Another searchable site of high-resolution photos with no attribution on almost all of their photos. Morgue File—www.morguefile. com—High-resolution, free stock images requiring no attribution. Free Images—— Open source, high-resolution photos in a searchable database. Picography—— Offering free high-resolution photos. "Use them however you like." Important Caveat Now with all of these sites you'll notice "Terms of Use," "Licensing," or some other disclaimer that may limit the use of the photos or vector artwork being offered. Some sources also offer extended or full-access licenses that give the purchaser more rights regarding how the artwork can be used. While other sites, like Pixabay, clearly spell out free-use of all files without restrictions. There are often different guidelines for personal vs. commercial use as well. Be sure you follow these guidelines as you don't want to get in trouble for using artwork outside the scope of what was intended. Also, be sure you also have some good virus-protection software installed, and up-to-date, on your computer. Any web- site that has user-submitted artwork— as is the case with some of the above sources—can also have a virus attached to the link. Better safe than sorry, so be sure your computer is protected. Sizing Vector artwork can be scaled to any size while still maintaining clean lines. This is one reason why many designers like to work with vector artwork. The files for vector artwork will be shown as just one file, without size options. When purchasing photos from the high-resolution sites, be sure to down- load images that have adequate reso- lution for the job you're doing. When the photo is blown up to size the image should still look crisp. iStock Photo has changed its pricing schedule, which means that you can download any size photo for the same price. But there are other photo sites that charge based on the size of the photo. Each photo should list the pixels and resolution. If you're not sure which size file will be big enough, you can plug the pixels and resolution into Photoshop and it will show you the size of the file. Inspiration With so much artwork available, both vector and photos, it's tempting to go crazy on your wrap design. Keep in mind all of the sound principles of design that you've learned and incorporate the artwork accordingly. With wrap design the adage "Less is More" really does hold true. Wrap design is a tricky part of the process. Sometimes it just clicks based on artwork the customer already has, but sometimes you need to find a particular photo or a piece of artwork that ties the whole design together. These artwork sites can be a great source of inspira- tion as you put together your design. Consider picking and choosing pieces and modifying the artwork to create your own design. Just be sure that this meets any restrictions there may be in place on the artwork you're using. Double check the file sizes on photos to be sure they will be a high enough resolution for your wrap.

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