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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • December 2014 • 53 Aurora Graphics Many of the sources I listed are gen- eral sites that offer photos and vector artwork for download, but I wanted to highlight Aurora Graphics because they really gear their website and products to the sign industry and wrap designers in particular. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Dave Dorsey, president of Aurora Graphics, about some of the products and services they offer on their website. Looking through Aurora Graphics website you can see the wide variety of graphics packages and individual artwork that is available for purchase. I asked Dorsey how he would sum up what Aurora Graphics offers. "Aurora Graphics is the art studio that has the famed website offering high- resolution, expertly designed digital art for the vinyl industry," says Dorsey. "The artwork is created and sold at scale and comes in various file formats including eps, ai, tiff, jpg, pdf, transparent tiff and png. All are designed for output onto vinyl. Those that are designed for print/ cut will also contain the correct cut con- tours for easy production." Customize When you check out the images on the Aurora Graphics site you see a lot of really cool artwork that makes me think of street graphics. This opens up a whole market of graphics for personal wraps, which may be a full wrap or a partial wrap. I asked Dorsey how he would suggest a sign company incorporate his artwork into a partial wrap. He responded by saying that "partial wraps are easier to design, easier to install and quicker to produce than full wraps. Any of our back- grounds, design elements or graphics can be edited, chopped up, or changed in nearly any way you can imagine. It's only limited by the users' ability to design and layout effectively, and by their mastery of editing various images. We do all the heavy lifting when creating the artwork to begin with. The easy and fun part is putting it together to make a killer-look- ing partial or full wrap." Be sure to check for any use restrictions on any photos or artwork you download. When I asked Dorsey specifically about the "Hood and Half Wrap" art- work that they offer he further explained that their artwork can be a simple down- load, scale and then output or you could take it a step further. He explains that "more advanced users are able to distort, fade, isolate and blend different image files into a final design that has the look, feel and flavor they are looking for." Having great sources for artwork sets the base for creating eye-catching wraps. As Dorsey says, "The key is having really solid, attractive looking artwork to begin with." Look for creative ways to manipulate the available designs to best fit your par- tial to full wrap. If it's for a business, be sure the artwork compliments the cus- tomer's logo and other information and doesn't detract from the effectiveness of the overall advertising. Wrap Design Studio While checking out Aurora Graphics' website I noticed something called the Wrap Design Studio. In a nutshell it's a tool you can use to add to your own website. It allows you to download from more than 750 vehicle templates and one tera- byte of artwork from Aurora Graphics' data- base and then play around with design ideas for your customer's vehicle wrap. As Dorsey says, "The Wrap Design Studio was born to fulfill the need to do mockups for customer approval." Dorsey shared his thoughts on this approach to wrap design. "It's a futuristic approach to the vinyl industry, where we are headed as an industry in general. Many people seem to not understand how important artwork really is with any job. The artwork is really what the cus- tomer is buying. Printing on vinyl and mounting it on a vehicle or sign is simply a means of transferring artwork to the vehicle surface. It's the artwork the cus- tomer wants, so it stands to logic that the artwork is arguably the most important factor in a wrap." As Dorsey also explained, "the Wrap Design Studio is a website and tool set only. It's designed to sell jobs. Any digital files needed for full-scale output will have to be purchased from Aurora Graphics, then downloaded instantly." The Wrap Design Studio is used as a sales tool and once you've received a go ahead from your customer you would need to download the necessary artwork and re-create the artwork at full scale in your sign design software. SDG Aurora Graphics offers a Wrap Design Studio tool for helping sign companies sell wrap jobs.

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