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64 • December 2014 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S Find out what each media organiza- tion considers newsworthy, interesting, innovative and attractive to its readers, listeners or viewers. Ask them for samples of past press releases that resulted in a published or produced news piece. Ask them how the press release itself made their jobs easier. Understanding this will increase your chances of getting the earned exposure you desire. Finally, be certain to provide a back- grounder, which is often found at the bottom of a press release. The purpose of a backgrounder is to give a brief history of the company or the featured event that is above and beyond the informa- tion included in press release or press advisory. This information is rarely pub- lished, but it gives the media important information about your company and helps them understand your company better. Aim refers to targeting only those publications and programs that your most desirable customer—demographi- cally speaking—would read or view and, thus, increasing the likelihood that good prospects will navigate their way to your business and actually buy from you. Ask for the demographics of the readers, lis- teners or viewers of the particular media organization. See if their demographics match those of your top current cus- tomers. Fire means building, producing and circulating innovative, fact-filled press releases that get media attention. Once you've effectively constructed the press release, you may need to "sell" the media organizations on doing something with it. Develop a "pitch" to the editor/writer that sells its value to their audience. Be concise. Now is not the time to release your inner Shakespeare. When should you send your press release? "For Immediate Release" to a newspaper generally entails two weeks lead time. It may be up to three months for a magazine, depending on the fre- quency of its publication. Allow at least two to four weeks to have an event listed on a community calendar. And if your press release is intended to generate a feature article or program, there is no time constraint. One way to make your press release stand out from the crowd is to prepare it in the style of the target publication. Try to mirror the typeface and column format of the newspaper or magazine. Using this technique helps the editor to visualize what the article will look like in her publication. If she likes what she sees, all she needs do is typeset it and fire up the presses. Good luck! SDG If you have photos that are too high of a resolution to attach, please send them separately to Be a Part of the Top Signage Publication in the Industry Showcase your work in Sign & Digital Graphics. Share with us your best sign and graphics projects and we'll get them published in the maga- zine as soon as we can. Don't let that masterful job go underappreciated. Simply go to our website sign-project-submission and fill out the requested information and attach your photos where prompted and we'll take care of everything. We can't wait to see what you have to show us. Sign Projects Submissions: Make it Your Business C O N T I N U E D

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