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Ornamental Metal Signage Sign components with branding, signage and display Sco Franko is the president of Franko Design Concepts and Consulting, US Signcraers, e Sign Store and Building Impressions. Send emails to sco@ W hat comes to mind with the word orna- ment? The adorning elements that garnish a Christmas tree? Like the living room tree that is given a decorative make-over during the holidays, a sign or display can be given the same enriching treatment through the use of ornamental components. For the sake of this article I'll refer to ornamental components as those produced or fabricated from solid materials like metal. Ornamental metal has been around for centuries. When it comes to signage, decorative elements pro- duced with ornamental fabrication have been incorpo- rated into them in ways that add attraction and appeal to the impressions that they provide. Sometimes the ornamental features are delicate but noticeable like highlights on hair. At other times the decorative com- ponents of a display become the primary visual fea- tures. Functionality can fluctuate from being support- ive in nature, such as a post or bracket, to being totally cosmetic by bringing an aspect of embellishment to beautify or dress up an otherwise plan-looking sign or structure. For the sign shop, there are a number of ways to use or produce ornamental and decorative treatments. You can outsource to a professional metal working expert. You can buy pre-made parts from a supplier or wholesaler. You can make your own using many of the materials, machines or fabrication processes you already employ. At our company, we do all three. A metal working resource that we've outsourced too is Hamilton Iron Works Inc., a business that was established in 1917 by the grandfather of Phil Daub, who runs the business today as a third-generation owner who is carrying on the heritage of his family. B y S c o t t F r a n k o Building Impressions ARCHITECTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL Hamilton Iron Works Inc. was established in 1917 and is still doing orna- mental metal work. 76 • December 2014 • S I G n & D I G I t a L G r a P H I c S

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