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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • December 2014 • 79 I asked Dwyer to share her perspec- tive on this topic of ornamental signs. "I used to just broker ornamental posts when they were requested by customers," Dwyer shared. "When we began to see the potential with ornamental signage we decided to create our own catalog and distribution model where we could pro- vide these components and add to them with our own in-house fabrication. I accepted the challenge to get these set up and going as something worth pursuing. The catalog I designed explains how all the different components can be inter- changed and work together to become The company started out 25 years ago in the retail market but transitioned into the wholesale market after finding suc- cess in the niche of ornamental signage. At the time of transition, the only way to get ornamental posts and parts was by working with the lighting manufacturers. But they didn't know signs, and it was frustrating trying to work with them on projects. "The process was clunky and expen- sive," said Lyoob. "So we decided to do something about it. Today a huge bulk of our business revolves around our orna- mental sign products as well as our cus- tom fabrication of signs." Lyoob sees his ornamental compo- nents being used in city revitalization projects, campus signage programs and within new and old neighborhoods as they place or replace signs with more decorative types. He believes the grow- ing trend has to do with a bringing back of the nostalgic look in cities, towns and neighborhoods nationwide. Schools, businesses and offices are all using orna- mental elements with their signs and facades either on the ground or extend- ing off the exteriors. Decorative hanger brackets are the fastest growing item trend as many dis- tricts only allow for smaller signs and sometimes signs that do not light up. The bracket is a great way to add an attractive feature to a sign and hold it out to project to two sides of viewing. Working with Hamilton and OPPTC has allowed my team to provide orna- mental signs across the country. We make our own as well using CNC cut- ting and custom fabrication with met- als and other substrates. One recent project involved custom ornamental posts, bases, brackets and signs to brand and direct walkers along the City of Elkhart's new River Walk Culture Trail. Another project had us design, produce and install custom ornamental directory signs along a main highway to direct vis- itors to stores and shops located blocks away. It was an important signage proj- ect because of the tourist nature of this particular town with a historic flavor throughout. We needed to be mindful of both when designing the signs. The ornamental features tied them nicely to the town's other signs. Christine Dwyer is our company's art director. She also helped create our online division, The Sign Store with a catalog of ornamental signs and sign- related components. Due to the success of The Sign Store and the ornamental sign sales, she spends much of her time assisting clients with the design of their sign system before production starts. Custom ornamental posts, bases, brackets and signs were used to brand and direct walkers along the City of Elkhart's new River Walk Culture Trail.

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