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Simply A Better Choice Celebrating YEARS 20 199 3 - 2 0 1 3 Celebrating YEARS 20 199 3 - 2 0 1 3 3.5 3.6 3.7 SPA PRO BROMINE Product no. 1 Bromine is a suitable sanitiser for hot water and is widely used in spas. Each tablet weighs 20grams and fits comfortably in a Pool Pro Spa Floating Dispenser. AVAILABLE IN CODE 1kg - 6 per carton SPP1 2kg - 8 per carton SPP1A 10kg - each / pallet quantity 64 SPP1B 25kg - each SPP1C Product: Bromochlorodimethylhydantoin Spa Pro Spa Pro Product Range Product Range All Spa Pro Chemicals are colour coded and numbered on the bottom right hand corner for easy identification. SPA PRO BROMINE SPA PRO SUPER SHOCK SPA PRO ALKALINITY INCREASER SPA PRO GO FOAM SPA PRO SHOCK IMPACT SPA PRO pH REDUCER SPA PRO pH INCREASER SPA PRO SPA AND PIPE FLUSHA SPA PRO FILTER CLEANER & DEGREASER SPA PRO CLARIFIER SPA PRO HARDNESS RAISER Product no. 3 Especially packaged to compliment the Spa Pro spa range this is a great shock product for spas. Product no. 4 For raising total alkalinity to buffer pH. Product no. 2 Uniquely blended product which provides an initial shock dose of Bromine, increases calcium hardness, raises pH, increases total alkalinity, helps coagulate suspended solids, provides scale and corrosion protection and reduces iron and copper staining. Great for start up and as a maintenance product. Product no. 7 A de-foamer for spa water. If foam per- sists it may be necessary to change spa water as foaming is caused mainly by detergents on clothing, body oils and fats, sunscreen and other lotions. Product no. 8 A non chlorine oxidiser for shocking spas. Great for shocking especially after heavy bather loads. Helps the Sanitiser work more efficiently. Product no. 6 For reducing pH in spa water. A safer alternative to Hydrochloric Acid. Product no. 5 Used for increasing pH in spa water. Raises pH without affecting total alkalinity. Product no. 12 As we already know body oils etc are more preva- lent in hot water, so this product is designed to flush out the pipes where water accumulates and bacteria breeds. It will at the same time give your spa a good clean. Product no. 9 Used for all filter types & revitalises tired filters. Product no. 10 Use clarifier when your water just needs a little sparkle. Dull water is the result of small particles too small for the filter to filter out. Spa Pro Clari- fier will coagulate these particles making them easier for the filter to filter out and or easier to vacuum out. Product no. 11 Water is either soft or hard. If water is too soft it can be corrosive. If too hard it can lead to scale build up. This product increases the hardness of your water. 1 1 7 7 8 8 9 9 10 10 SPA PRO SPA BALANCE 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 11 11 12 12 Everything you need for quality spa care in new handy sizes Product no. 1 Bromine is the most suitable sanitiser for hot water. 1 1 All Spa Pro Spa chemicals are numbered in the bottom right hand corner for easy identification by your customers. They can come back and ask for Number ONE or Number NINE. Educate them with this innovative feature when you initially sell the product. B eautifully packaged in a style that sets them apart from pool chemicals. For example bromine is Spa Pro product no. ONE SPA VACUUM BATTERY POWERED Battery powered spa vacuum with extendable telepole. Takes 8 x AA Batteries. Ideal for spas, small pools and ponds. AVAILABLE IN CODE Stand up display box containing 6 vacs SVA2 Single box containing 1 vac SVA3 SUPA VAC The Supa Vac is an underwater vacuum and venturi pump. Ideal for vacuuming spas, simply attach to hose and vacuum up sediment. AVAILABLE IN CODE Single box or carton of 3 SVA1

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