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SNOWEST JANUARY 2015 43 the more fun we will all have sledding." Eventually we vacated the lodge and tailed furiously down the trail after Adams' cloud of white. He first led us to an open meadow to practice powder turns. It's hard to imagine a 130-pound girl like myself tipping a 500-pound sled on its side. But at Adams' instruction, I put my "opposite foot forward" on the running boards at a slight angle and countersteered while giving the throttle a quick blip and the sled flipped right over. With several feet of fresh snow on top, we all had our fair share of getting stuck. After rolling my sled once, I hoisted myself out of the snow only to bust up laugh- ing at noticing that six of the eight girls were either stuck or tipped over. Adams and the boys quickly swooped in and got us going again only to watch us ride a few feet and get stuck again. They never once indicated any frustration though ... only laughed and told us we were doing great. "The excitement and adrenaline of being with a group struggling with the same issues brought out true girl power," said Saewert. SIDEHILLING After tearing up the meadow, we rode over to a moderately steep hill to practice sidehilling. This skill proved to be the most challenging and frustrating for me. Adams lined us up and one by one we made our attempt at the hill. Most of us were unsuccessful at first and ended up making a big half circle before coming back down. Adams reminded us that it was all in the tim- ing—between when we gave throttle, turned our skis away from the hill and threw our weight uphill. Once we got into our sidehill, throttle control was crucial. The guys were constantly yell- ing out, "Braap, braap, braap" so we knew we needed to blip the throttle when riding instead of pinning it. When a few of us were still strug- gling with the sidehill concept on day two, Jason took a more hands-on approach to teaching. One at a time, he sat us down on his sled in front of him and blasted up a hillside with us in tow. Even toting me, Jason effortlessly paddled across the hill. For Arnold, the best part of the clinic was, "when I left-hand sidehilled for those five awesome seconds." Before Adams' clinic, I blamed my girly weight and strength for my riding struggles. But I watched girls exactly 149639Simmon14h.indd 1 10/10/14 12:15 PM Colorado Sun Sports Unlimited, Inc. 219 W. Hwy 50 Gunnison, CO 970-641-0883 Idaho Performance Motor Sports 64 N Yellowstone Hwy 20 Ashton, ID 83420 (208) 652-7738 Rexburg Motor Sports 1178 University Blvd Rexburg, ID 83440 (208) 356-4000 Oregon Pro Caliber Motorsports of Oregon 3500 N. Hwy 97 Bend, OR 541-647-5151 2015 SR VIPER MTX 162 LE 151111YamSle14h.indd 1 12/4/14 3:12 PM 36 Electric Street – West Yellowstone, MT • 877-641-6043 ❆ Vacation Packages ❆ Back Country Guide Service ❆ Yellowstone National Park Tours ❆ ONE CALL DOES IT ALL 32320TraSno16h v2 1 9/8/14 3:06 PM

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