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CCC -- A 15-Year History 1986-2002

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H I S T O R Y 1 9 8 6 - - 2 0 0 2 1989 Board ol DJreClom, Counsel, Staff 8rid Members. 81anding/lell to dghL), CaplaTn LIn, Captain Larsen, Petel C. Lam~'os. James M(~lia, Edward Kelly. Caplain Feral, Donald S~hmid I, Je~ph Barbela, Caplai~ K~O, Da,Ad J. To~an, Chairmao, K[rR Kdege~ C. Pele~ Lambos, Eo~,,a rd Morgan, hmolhy Collinsr Peter Vi~e rs. Seated (left to righlg Olal ,.,on Maydell, J. Einest Celosse~ Bernard DeLur~ Rudolph Ramm ./_ ]astHlast ime a coase, vide strike affected the major contanierp~r ts in the Allan0c and Gulf port range was f:eao ago, in 1977. That action had been preceded b},, a series of long slrikes in 1952, 1954, 1957, 1959, ~ff21,, 1164, 1968, 1971 and 1977. The past quarte~centatry of labor peace is not an accident. It rests on a foundation made up, in large me~ure, of the hard work, creativity and innovation tI~at ocean carrier members of the Carders Container Council, Inc. (CCC) and its predece~or carrier group, the Job Security Program Agenw, Inc. (JSP), brought to the collective bargaining process with the ILA. Carriers have been involved in ~,laster Contract bargaining since its inception in 1957. At tha~ time, unpaid senior carrier executives headed Ibe New York Shipping hsscciaBon (RYSA) and its Board of Directors. For example, various carriers served either as ch/ef executive of i~'SA (president) or as a principal negogalo~; The Carriers Container Council, Inc. (CCC) was created as an unofficial, itfformal body (a part of NYSA) after the creation of the Rules on Containers. These roles, created in 1969--and known as the "50 i~lile Rule" prohibited carders from delivering LCL containers Eo any entity otber fi~an the "beneficial mvnet" The Council (it was then knmwl as the Cont.'liner Carriers Council) w.~ first mentioned in the 1972 ~,taster Contract ConiainerizaBon Agreement The Council acted as a bedy to make known the various positions and interests of container carrieea in collective bargaining.

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