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E ach year, SCORE International staff get together and decide who they think deserves the honor of being selected as SCORE's Person of the Year. Due to the gallant efforts from Gustavo Vildosola who was one of the driving forces of the 'Baja Strong Off-Roaders Hurricane Relief', to aid hurricane Odile victims in Baja last September, the choice was obvious. Vildosola, was also assisted by Cameron Steele, Ryan Thomas and team logistics specialist Tim Sanchez, to establish various donation centers. The effort utilized Vildosola's fleet of semi-trucks so that the transport of goods and supplies could be delivered, with police and military escorts arranged by SCORE International. "It was truly a surprise and great honor to be distinguished in such a select manner by the racing community," says Vildosola. "Contributing gives me a tremendous feeling of satisfaction. If God and my hard work have blessed me with the opportunity to help my community and country, then I will make the effort to continue to do so in every way I can." But Vildosola's relief efforts don't necessarily overshadow his racing accomplishments this year. He was also instrumental in helping to earn points for Steven Eugenio and Galindo Motorsports in championship form this year. Joining forces for the Baja 1000, Vildosola shared driving duties with Steven Eugenio, TJ Flores and Adam Pfankuch, in the number 7 Unlimited Trophy Truck. Vildosola has a long history in SCORE International racing, and has always had a passion for automobiles, especially off road vehicles. "I had to convince my family, aunts and uncles to give me money for my birthdays so I could save up to slowly start building my team. It was that way that I accomplished my goal and was able to race for my first time in 1968 at the Laguna Salada," he says. "I have countless things I would like to say, but to sum it all up, life doesn't always work out the way we plan it," says Vildosola." At the end of the day, I would love to receive help if I were at the other end of the rope." SCORE International celebrates Vildosola's efforts and is proud to see him as a true representative of the sport of desert racing. While this next year's season just got started, someone else will have the opportunity to rise to the top and be selected as the 2015 SCORE Person Of The Year. SJ GUSTAVO VILDOSOLA SCORE PERSON OF THE YEAR BY TAYLOR VLAHOS PHOTOS BY ART EUGENIO AND VILDOSOLA RACING 022 SCORE JOURNAL

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