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race course of the Baja Peninsula with Category-4 winds, rain, and unknowable challenges, MacCachren started thinking about adding a third driver. With all that was going on down with the weather ravaged race course, a few weeks before the race, MacCachren thought: "Wouldn't it be nice to have a third driver?" Well, that driver turned out to be Jason Voss, who happened to be available. And so it was. Each driver knows success racing Baja. Each driver knows how to prepare. Now the original race strategy was modified to accommodate three drivers who would earn the stature of a Dream Team in the eyes of the off-road nation. The challenge for the race crew was to prep the race truck to survive Baja with MacCachren, McMillin, and Voss sharing wheel time. The new plan was, "Andy, I just want you to get your pre-running down there, a little bit of support, a chase truck, and he did that," MacCachren said. "He (McMillin) handled the middle section, and went down there for seven or eight days, and the same with Jason. He (Voss) just handled his pre-running and the chase trucks down there at the end (of the race course)." Voss brought three chase trucks and 12 support crewmembers. McMillin brought a chase truck and three guys. And MacCachren had his crew bring five chase trucks. "We used the Baja Fools for three of our pits, and few outside, like Jamie Campbell of Raceco for pit one, and then we had a local guy, Darrell Putman for another pit, MacCachren said. "It just really came together. We had over 100 people at the race, and I didn't realize that we had that until Monday the week of the race. I realized, and started counting and thinking of all the people, and realized we had over 100 people at this race just to make it happen." The peninsula run is really, really, a lot of work figuring out the logistics and strategy," MacCachren said with a wince at the memory of it. "Andy helped out a lot on, as well as Jason, on 038 SCORE JOURNAL

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