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S Safety is a big concern in all types of racing, but desert racing poses its own particular set of safety issues. It's for this reason that safety equipment and race wear companies are constantly researching new products that can provide increased protection and reduce injuries. When it came to SCORE desert racing, Yves Morizot, President of Stand 21 safety equipment, met with Sal Fish in 2008 and Roger Norman in 2009. It was at that time that SCORE International was committed to help develop and promote a higher level of driver and personnel safety. "Mr. Morizot and Mr. Norman share the same passion for auto racing," says Kevin McConnell, National Sales Manager for Stand 21 North America. "Stand 21 is the only major auto-racing company still owned by its founder and now run by members of his family as one of his sons is now Vice President, proving the dedication of Mr. Morizot and his employees to the task at hand." IMPROVING THE SAFETY FACTOR Tips And Products that Can Help Desert Racers Avoid Serious Injuries BY DAN SANCHEZ PHOTOS COURTESY OF STAND 21 046 SCORE JOURNAL

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