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S CORE's relatively new class of Trophy Truck Spec might confuse people who are new to desert racing, and want to get involved. For the outsider, it's hard to tell the difference from the top class of Unlimited Trophy Trucks, from Trophy Truck Spec. Taking driver/ team experience and skill out of the equation, the two types of racing vehicles are physically almost the same. We'll try to explain how similar the two classes are, how they are different, and why TT Spec might be a great way to get involved in Baja racing. The race numbers are different, but the chassis configurations are the same. Most TT Spec trucks are engineered using computer aided design (CAD) software for ultimate safety, strength, and reliability. Most SCORE 101 A Look At The Trophy Truck Spec VS. Unlimited Trophy Truck Classes. What's the Difference? THE TT SPEC CLASS IS A SERIOUS VEHICLE. THIS EXAMPLE FROM BRENTHEL INDUSTRIES SHOWCASES A TYPICAL TRUCK THAT IS 100 PERCENT CAD ENGINEERED WITH LASER CUT TUBES AND SHEETMETAL. BY RICK SHANDLEY PHOTOS COURTESY OF THE MANUFACTURERS 074 SCORE JOURNAL

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