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INDUSTRIAL-GRADE PRESSES 1 to 10 Stations, 1 to 10 Colors The V2000HD Series of Heavy-Duty Manual Screen Printing Presses offers industrial-strength rotor arms and assem- blies, never-warp steel pallets, and heavy-duty print heads that allow fast set up and regis- tration. 100% tool free and backed by a 25- year warranty! Models available are fully expandable from one-station/ one-color to 10-stations/10-colors, so shops can start small and add stations as production demands. NEW LED EXPOSING UNITS BLOW FLUORESCENT AND METAL HALIDE AWAY! • Ultra-Fast with Pure Photopolymer and Dual Cure • Holds very fine detail, low undercutting • 50,000 to 100,000 hr bulb life • Low heat and power draw • Fully automatic control • LED light kits to upgrade your existing unit • Available as tabletop units, with legs/stand (shown), or mounted on drying cabinets VASTEX.COM 1-800-4-VASTEX SALES@VASTEX.COM HIGH CAPACITY DRYERS Cure up to 190 to 900 Pieces/hr/chamber Vastex Industrial-Grade Infrared Conveyor Dryers range from mid-level 4300 watt models curing up to 190 pieces per hour per chamber, to high- capacity 24,000 watt models curing up to 900 pieces per hour per chamber. All feature high-density, medium- wavelength heaters for maximum cure speed with no cold spots. Features include a belt tracking system, variable controls for heat intensity and speed, heat shields and more. 15 YR HEATER WARRANTY COMMERCIAL-GRADE PRESSES 1 to 4 Stations, 1 to 6 Colors V-1000 Commercial- Grade Garment Presses offer diverse capabili- ties, quick and easy start-ups, and precise results. Equipped with a unique floating head design that delivers accurate registration and never-warp steel pallets, these units offer quality results at low cost, and come with a three-year warranty. Table- top and floor standing models are expandable from one-station/one-color to four-stations/six- colors, so you can start small and then grow. 25 YR WARRANTY ACCURACY PLUS ECONOMY FLASH CURE UNITS Entry Level to Industrial Grade Vastex Flash Cure Units come standard with high-density, medium- wavelength heaters for maximum cure speed with no cold spots. Single-knob height ad- justment and 360° rota- tion allow for easy operation. Options in- clude an Auto-Flash Head Rotator (shown), Rotary Pallet Adapter, and Heavy-Duty Stand. Models from 1625 to 3500 watts for every level of shop production. 15 YR HEATER WARRANTY COMPACT DRYERS Cure up to 110 Pieces/hr at Lowest Cost Compact Infrared Con- veyor Dryers cure up to 110 plastisol-printed garments or 50 dis- charge-printed garments per hour. Model D-100 has 18 in. (45.7 cm) belt width. Model D-1000 (shown) has 26 in. (66 cm) belt width for wider garments and printed images. Vari- able controls for both heat intensity and conveyor speed allow fine-tuning of the drying process. Adjustable heater height/angle, heat intensity and belt speed provide total control. 15 YR HEATER WARRANTY SCREEN DRYING CABINETS Dry 10 to 24 Screens Quickly, Uniformly Vastex Dri-Vault™ Screen Drying Cabinets can dry from 10 to 24 screens securely in a tempera- ture-controlled, filtered air environment, prepar- ing them for exposure in as little as 20 min- utes. The pressurized light-tight cabin with positive air flow keeps out contaminants. Mod- els from 1250 to 3100 watts available for 10 (shown), 20 or 24 screens. All come with a three- year bumper-to-bumper warranty. 20 MINUTE DRYING Screen Capacities: • 41 x 31 in. (104 x 79 cm) (36 x 25 in. [91.4 x 63.5 cm] in a registration fixture) • 47 x 31 in. (119 x 79 cm) • 23 x 31 in. (58 x 79 cm) • 21 x 24 in. (53 x 70 cm) BB-1116

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