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20 1 5 M A RC H PRINTWEAR | 71 or larger designs with a loose, 3-D effect. While cap backing is usually tearaway, it merits mention in the specialty category because it's uniquely suited to embroi- der a particular type of gar- ment. Cap backing is gener- ally a heavy tearaway, stiff and almost like paper. It's often sold in smaller sheets or nar- rower rolls, which are suitable for embroidery on hats. The smaller size and heavy weight of this stabilizer make it the perfect choice for standard hat embroidery. BREAK OUT If you only use tearaway and cutaway backing, it's time to branch out and try something new. The right type of backing can make a huge difference in the quality and wearability of your embroidery while increas- ing the types of embroidery you can offer. Most compa- nies that sell machine embroi- dery supplies have a specialty backing and topping section and will provide information on the availability of specialty products and instructions on how to use them. Start with one type of specialty backing and see what you can create. Most specialty backings do not require a huge financial invest- ment, and any time invested could lead to another profit center for your shop. Despite its lightweight, polymesh is able to hold a high number of stitch- es on thinner fabrics. pw

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