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SJ: After the goal of a top 5, what was your reaction when Armin brought the truck to the finish. Eugenio: I was happy. I was really happy that he made it because actually, the truck was running on half a belt. SJ: Are you happy with the new partnership? Eugenio: I did my job. I delivered the truck. Obviously we had multiple stops but I still delivered the truck in the top three. He got in after problems. He didn't blink an eye on it and he just drove the truck. He passed McNeil while he was in the truck before the issue. He was happy. The guy did a great job behind the wheel. Couldn't ask for anything more. It was a breath of fresh air to see somebody, his first time in this vehicle, have those kind of issues and still get out of the truck with a big smile on his face Armin was elated at the finish line despite the troubling day on the course. As soon as he took his helmet off he had nothing but praise for the team, the truck and their future together. Schwarz: We are going to win races this year! I didn't push because I couldn't hear Steve (Covey). So I drove just what I had in my mind, but nothing silly. You get this feeling, this truck is good! We are going to win some races! I have to thank Steve (Covey) and the team, they did a great job. Whatever happened they were on the job and got it going and got us to the finish. I can't express why, but you get a certain kind of race car and team and environment working together and you can tell it's time to win races and we are. I have a really good feeling. The team is very excited for the next race in Baja Sur. Eugenio has raced almost all of the various courses in Baja Sur and he tells us that it is mostly smoother, rally style roads. That type of course will definitely play to the driving strengths of both Eugenio and Schwarz. Eugenio: I don't know the exact map yet so I don't really know exactly, but it's what I'm thinking. It's going to be mainly rally roads. A lot of fast graded roads and into stuff like Mikes loop and the crossover road (Valley de Trinidad to San Vicente). We will have an advantage on that kind of course. We're very positive about a win there. The goal is we go win that one. The Galindo Motorsports team will also up the ante in the horsepower department for the SCORE Baja Sur 500. The team will be switching to power from Dougans Racing Engines which they estimate will gain them 100-150 horsepower at the wheels over the current setup. SJ:: So you think you are going to be able get a lot of use out of that extra power? Eugenio: I think so. After looking at the data from the 250, my average throttle position, over a hundred and fifty miles is like 86 percent wide open. We are currently down on power; if I had more I would definitely use it. SJ ARMIN SCHWARZ TALKS ABOUT HIS FIRST EXPERIENCE DRIVING IN THE GALINDO MOTORSPORTS TEAM "We are going to win some races! I have to thank Steve (Covey) and the team, they did a great job." - Armin Schwarz MATT KARTOZIAN 035 SCORE JOURNAL

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