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D esert racing is an evolving sport in which the tough environment provides the perfect conditions to develop new technologies. So while CAD designed chassis, computer controlled engine components and digital navigation and instrumentation are now commonplace, it makes you wonder why anyone would want to race 1000 miles in a 60 plus year old vehicle? That's the challenge facing Class 11 teams that participate in SCORE racing. One would think driving a slow, old vehicle that's limited to stock components might sound like severe punishment. But to racers like Dennis Hollenbeck, racing in Class 11 requires a big heart, and a true love for the race. Class 11 vehicles are stock Volkswagen Beetles that traditionally date back to SCORE's original roots in desert racing. The rules require that the vehicle remain stock except for some suspension modifications to gain ground clearance. "Most of the parts are original," says Hollenbeck. "It's a beautiful class that's also difficult because you're working with old parts. It's like racing with one arm tied behind your back!" When Hollenbeck wanted to organize a Class 11 race team, the idea was to race for a real purpose. "You need something very special inside you to want to race Class 11," says Hollenbeck. He found his inspiration from working at a group home for women and children. Casa Esperanza in Ensenada, Mexico, is a shelter and a day care center for the working poor and single parent families. Racing for the organization would not only give Hollenbeck and his team an important reason to race in the 47th SCORE Baja 1000, but would also be a great way to bring attention to the home and perhaps some much needed support. "When the kids hear that we're racing for them, they loved it," said Hollenbeck. At the 2014 SCORE Baja 1000, groups of small kids sat in, and on top, of Hollenbeck's Beetle during contingency and at many of the pre-race events. BY DAN SANCHEZ PHOTOS BY ART EUGENIO 047 SCORE JOURNAL

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