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IMPROVING SAFETY FIRE IS A UNFORGIVING REALITY To get an idea of how quickly a fire can happen, take the recent fire incident that Steven Eugenio, Steve Covey, and Armin Schwarz experienced at the Bud Light SCORE San Felipe 250. Their #1 Unlimited Trophy Truck was enveloped in fire during a scheduled pit stop to fuel-up and change tires. No one was harmed but the fire engulfed the rear of the vehicle in an instant. According to Steven Eugenio, he had already exited the vehicle to hand over to Schwarz when the fire erupted. Covey, managed to jump out of the Trophy Truck and luckily was not harmed, but the Trophy Truck received damage enough to cost them valuable time.. But the Trophy Truck received lots of damage, costing them time and contributing to a 14th place finish. The crew working in jeans and T-shirts didn't expect anything to happen out of the ordinary, and when fire broke out, the crew managed to reach in the vehicle, shift it into neutral and pushed it away from the fire from fuel on the ground. The pit crew responded in a manner that gives credit to their training on fire suppression and personal performance without hesitating to act. But the experience exemplifies the need for additional efforts in pit safety. While there were fire extinguishers present in the pits, it's important to keep in mind that if the fire event occurred at race speeds out on the open desert of Baja California, no one would have been close enough to help. Eugenio and co-driver Steven Covey, would NECK AND HEAD SOCKS ARE ALSO IMPORTANT FIRE SAFETY FEATURES THAT ALL DESERT RACERS SHOULD WEAR. NEW IMPROVEMENTS WITH BREATHABLE MATERIALS MAKE THEM MORE COMFORTABLE. WATCH THIS VIDEO POSTED ON YOUTUBE BY OFF- ROAD CRASHES CAPTURING THE #1 TROPHY TRUCK FIRE FROM THE SCORE SAN FELIPE 250 RACE. 075 SCORE JOURNAL

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