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IMPROVING SAFETY SOURCES: DUPONT DUPONT.COM SIMPSON RACING PRODUCTS SIMPSONRACINGPRODUCTS. COM STAND21 STAND21NA.COM SPARCO USA SPARCOUSA.COM RACING GOES SAFER RACINGGOESSAFER.ORG SFI FOUNDATION SFIFOUNDATION.COM THE STAND 21 ST 3000 RACE SUIT IS ONE OF THE BEST CHOICES FOR SERIOUS OFF-ROAD RACING. is also SFI 3.2A/5 Approved." Manufacturers also point out that fire resistant fabrics sometimes are used in multiple layers at transition points to prevent injury. But they can sometimes bunch up. So new steps are taken to prevent this and make the suit more comfortable. "Traditional sleeve cuffs require several layers of fire-resistant fabric to protect the transition from the sleeve ending at the wrist, and into the gloved hand," says Bishop. "Fire suits with integrated cuffs eliminate the bunching up of material in the gauntlet section of the glove and reducing the fabric around the wrist. Four-way flexibility is also designed into the body panels to decrease tension on key body areas such as the waist, hips, back, torso, and thighs. These body areas are especially vulnerable to fatigue in long distance races where driver comfort is at a premium. Newer suits with pre- bent elbows use 4-way stretch fabric to allow greater freedom of movement and reduce fatigue. Fire suit manufactures also warn desert racers to stay away from a non-permeable suits. A non permeable suit using a ventilation system would inflate like a rubber tire and begin to compress collected air that would then stagnate at a given amount of pressure. This would be opposing the device's purpose. The failure of non permeable racing suits often forces racers to use so-called "cool suits", water- cooled inner garments made of non fire-resistant components. This can create a greater danger in a fire. In addition if the system fails, a common occurrence in long distance desert racing, it greatly endangers the lives of older drivers as heat stress levels can become unsustainable. So the best type of desert racing suit is one that incorporates superior fabric technology that is breathable and uses aramid fibers. Combine it with fire retardant under garments and the chances of making it through a vehicle fire are greatly improved. So when you talk to experts about what kind of racing you are involved in, listen to their counsel, and you stand a better chance at selecting the race suit that is right for you. A race suit, for most people, is an investment that will last for years, especially if it has to save your life. SJ 081 SCORE JOURNAL

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