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S ITE Canada Newsletter Issue 1 SITE lines Welcome to the latest edition of SITE lines SITE lines is published five times a year to keep you informed of what's happening in Canada and around the world, what's new, upcoming events and linkages to members and other SITE Global Chapters. Please contact Sandra Eagle, Director of Communications with feedback, suggestions or comments. In this issue: P a g e 2 Industry Calendar P a g e 3 Holiday Social Memories P a g e 4 Gain InSite P a g e 5 AGM P a g e 6 Global Conference Report P a g e 9 Mentorship Program for Young Leaders P a g e 1 0 ICE Awards P a g e 1 1 Set Sail with SITE P a g e 1 2 New Member Spotlight President's Message "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." – Aristotle When asked to explore our personal relationship with excellence – this year's guiding theme – many of us on the board submitted the above quotation in preparation for our annual retreat. When SITE rebranded last summer to the Society for Incentive Travel Excell ence, a renewed focus was placed on the expectation, pursuit and attainment of merit. Industry - wide, we create motivational experiences for top performers, challenging them to reach heightened levels of achievement. Excellence is an intangible that, just l ike the incentive travel industry, is something that is experienced. It can be fleeting, yet highly memorable. It possesses the quality of oneness. Excellence is a goal that demands continual striving and upward momentum. It is something that we aim to ac hieve and that, if done repeatedly with consistent effort, becomes habitual. Such a lofty concept requires reflection and, in the case of our board retreat, a guiding voice. Tim Arnold, president of Leaders for Leaders, expertly led us through facilitated discussions and activities that interwove change, complexity and charitable giving with our theme. In a particularly poignant session on polarities management, Tim introduced a breathing analogy that enforced the need for both an inhalation and exhalation , neither of which can exist without SITE Canada office: 6700 Century Ave, Ste. 100 Mississauga, ON L5N 6A4 T: 905.812.7483 F: 905.567.7191 S ITE lines ' flip book is fueled by February 27 th , 2015 SITE Canada and their award hardware from the Global Conference.

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