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86 • RV PRO • APRIL 2015 rv-pro.com children to the mix, Cardoza went back to what he knew. He leased land and started a successful dairy farm. Like trucks and trailers, farm equipment also relies on towing hitches and connecters for pulling equipment. Cardoza had the same problem as an RVer – bent blades and corroded connections. Cardoza and his wife would borrow his parents' fifth wheel for weekend excursions with the kids, and found those connection problems across the board. "Whether it was my parent's fifth wheel or our farm equipment, they all rely on harnesses and connectors," he says. "And they all worked the same way – with spades that kept getting bent or water and salt would get inside and they would corrode, or the covers were always getting torn off. We were always replacing them. I kept thinking there had to be a better way." One day, while talking with a friend who was a crop duster, Cardoza discovered his friend had an idea and prototypes for that better idea. "He explained what he was trying to do and I knew I could help with this. He worked on the patent and I made it into a product," Cardoza says. "He also needed marketing help. I liked the potential of the business, not just for me, but for my kids. ey didn't want to go into farming – they were already in marketing. I saw this as a business that we could work on as a family. Paul Unmack had a career as a junior engineer with nuclear control systems before going on to invent the Absorption Refrigeration Protection (ARP) Control with help from his wife, Mao, who is a mechanical and welding engineer. Unmack developed the ARP Control as a safety device for RV refrigerators. The ARP monitors the heart of an RV refrigerator, the boiler. When the ARP detects conditions that can lead to a destructive or unsafe situation, it turns off the fridge and then restarts it automatically. This is designed to eliminate the chance of the refrigerator catching fire.

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