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TECHNICAL UPDATE 28 the Groundsman April 2015 Visit for more information and digital editions hy have I not managed to keep up with technology? How quickly things move on and change. I have just got a new mobile phone. There are no number keys, no ear piece or mouthpiece. It is really just a small plastic box and I don't know which way is up and which down. I spent 30 frustrating minutes trying to work out how to set it up before my daughter sorted it in 30 seconds flat. I guess that I felt the same as my mother did when I set up the VCR for her and I am sure I gave her the same look of distain too. Surely it is not that long since I obtained my old mobile phone. It had number keys and the right way up was obvious. How can it all change so quickly? It seems to be the same in all aspects of life these days. Time moves by so quickly and we run the risk of ending up always feeling slightly left behind. This is W The importance of keeping up to date This article is part of a series of updates from the Amenity Forum on topical issues relating to weed, pest and disease control in the amenity sector. Written by Ruth Mann, chair of the Forum's education and skills group, she gives a personal view on continuing professional development as it applies to her and all who work in the sector By: Dr Ruth Mann the importance of continual professional development (CPD). It ensures we never become left behind in the workplace, especially in this fast paced, continually changing world we now inhabit. We must continually push ourselves to stay completely up to date. By continually developing ourselves, we ensure that we remain confident and effective in the workplace, keep on the right side of any changes in legislation, follow best practice and ultimately adapt positively to any change thrust upon us. Staying up to date Continual professional development comes in many shapes and sizes, from conferences and seminars, trade shows and training courses right through to reading magazines and internet articles and generally getting together to discuss and debate ideas and innovations. Within the Amenity Sector, we are often criticised for low uptake of CPD. However, from my experience, there is a huge amount of training being completed. It is much more likely that we are not very good at recording and reporting our CPD activities in a collective manner or that we are all involved in our own professional schemes in the particular sub sector of amenity we belong to (and we know there are so branches of amenity horticulture that it can be hard for a one size fits all scheme). It is for this reason that a new improved continuing professional development scheme has been developed which commenced at the start of this year. It is administered by BASIS Registration (http://www.basis- NITY_REGISTER.pdf). The new Amenity

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