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May / June 2015

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Betsy Bullock Realtor Direct Line: 978-865-1168 E-Fax: 978-233-2948 ...selling at an average 96% of the original lis ng price Successfully Marketed PRIDES CROSSING - SOLD, Oceanfront - $3,300,000 GLOUCESTER - SOLD, Waterview - $2,500,000 ROCKPORT- SOLD - $1,290,000 MANCHESTER - SOLD - $1,140,000 BEVERLY FARMS - SOLD - $885,000 Professional nego a on skills are necessary for all real estate agents in helping home buyers and sellers, especially in the current market. Betsy Bullock has been awarded the Cer fied Nego a on Expert (CNE) designa on from the Real Estate Nego a on Ins tute (RENI). Agents who receive this cer fica on are among the top agents in the country in nego a on skills. CNE agents have a higher skill level which enables them to 1) communicate more effec vely to uncover desired informa on, 2) help clients understand their op ons, 3) work collabora vely with others, and 4) resolve deadlocks. CNE agents have a thorough understanding of how to nego ate effec vely to help achieve their client's goals.

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