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Monthly newspaper and online publication targeting 18 to 35 year olds. The ultimate guide to the hottest parties, going out and having fun. Music, fashion, film, travel, festivals, technology, comedy, and parties! London, Barcelona, Miami and Ibiza.

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BIG NIGHTS OUT Nick Cave Eventim Apollo 02/05/2015 Nick Cave plays a rare intimate date in Hammer- smith before a larger show at The Royal Albert Hall. It's a solo show but his backing band will consist of Bad Seeds members, so fans are in for a real treat. As Cave has said, "The aim is to try to create a unique show – something special and out of the ordinary". HOUSe INdIe HIp HOp reGGae dNB SpeCIaL @ GUeSTLISTdOTNeT / SearCH YOUTUBe fOr GNTV YOUr HOrOSCOpe Rootikal Corsica Studios 08/05/2015 Rootikal is back with a mega heavy line-up. Aba Shanti will take care of the main room, joined by Mr Faso, Real Roots, and Vibronics, who'll be making their Rootikal debut. Veteran of the London reggae scene, Gladdy Wax, will head up the Selector's Choice room. 25 years of Fabio & Grooverider The Forum 08/05/2015 The Godfathers of drum & bass will hit The Forum for a very special show celebrating a quarter- century as a duo. These two are more than radio presenters or DJs, they are auteurs who have defined a genre, and this show will be a roadblock. If you are able to truly relax, you will find romance this month. Get some exercise and loosen up. Think jelly-like. Maybe even make some jelly to free your mind. You'll receive the gift of a single shoe this month. If it's a stiletto, time to go dancing, if it's an espadrille, time to shop for better shoes. An ill-advised attempt to lift a heavy box will incapacitate you this month, but on the upside, you'll finally have the time to start practising moving things with your mind. Saturn is passing into your sign, so seize the moment. Don't seize it too hard though as you could break a finger and have to spend six hours in A+E. Save your energy and stop worrying this month, as what you fear is unavoidable. Load up on cheese and pickle and ride out the storm. A delicious meal may come back to haunt you this month, so to avoid any nasty surprises, steer clear of all foods with a face. And anything blue. Cheese is always a good bet. Now is the optimal time to change your lifestyle. Start with your underwear, and then tackle your vegetable drawer. You'll be a whole new you before you know it. Feb 20 - Mar 20 pisces Oct 24 - Nov 22 Scorpio May 22 - Jun 22 Gemini Jul 24 - Aug 23 Leo Jan 21 - Feb 19 aquarius Jun 23 - Jul 23 Cancer Dec 22 - Jan 20 Capricorn Apr 21 - May 21 Taurus Nov 23 - Dec 21 Sagittarius Aug 24 - Sep 23 Virgo As the moon waxes, it's time to lower those expectations. Give that guy in HR a chance or it'll just be your hamster for company this spring. Sep 24 - Oct 23 Libra A single grape found at the back of your fridge is a good omen, especially as Venus wanes. You'll be offered many free drinks this month, accept them all. A lot of things will be coming to you late in the day this month, including dinner. But hey, if beans on toast isn't worth waiting for, then what is? At least you'll learn some patience. Mar 21 - Apr 20 aries An accidental winky face emoji will land you in hot water this month. Be ready with the squid emoji for damage limitation. And maybe stop texting in the bath for a while. Slippery hands help no one. A boneheaded insurance salesperson will accidentally mark you down as married in their records. Fortunately, in a case of cosmic alignment, your matches on Tinder will skyrocket. 2 Issue 74 / 2015 GUESTLIST DJ Jazzy Jeff The Jazz Cafe 03/05/2015 The "world's greatest DJ" is back in London to mark The Jazz Cafe's 25th anniversary and celebrate ten years of The Doctor's Orders. His sets are all killer, and this rare opportunity to see the hip hop legend in such an intimate setting is the perfect way to spend your Bank Holiday Sunday. OiOi 1st Birthday Fire 01/05/2015 After a killer first year, this party is set to be off the scale! Legendary grime duo Newham Generals top the bill, and UKG figureheads Sticky and Scott Garcia will play an extended set. Spooky Bizzle, fresh talent Amy Becker plus some special guests are also on hand to bring the fire, and Tumble Audio will take over room two. Happy birthday OiOi! Rebel Rave TBA 24/04/2015 Rebel Rave comes back to London for the first time since 2013, and this party sees the debut of Damian Lazarus' exciting new LIVE project. If that wasn't enough, Lazarus will also play a DJ set, and Skream, Citizenn, and Ali Love are all stepping up. This promises to be one of the best Rebel Raves yet!

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