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7 17 Issue 74 / 2015 TECHNOLOGY The besT phoTo ediTing apps 1. LayouT Following the release of Hyperlapse, the Insta team have created an app that allows you to make your own photo collages, presumably in an effort to curb the use of third party apps by Instagrammers. As the company said, "From imagining mirrored landscapes to sharing multiple moments from an entire adventure, we've seen these kinds of visual storytelling happening on Instagram and we're inspired by it." Layout, which is currently for iPhone only, lets you create a collage from up to nine photos. The app offers a variety of layouts, lets you resize and swap your images, post the collages to Instagram or Facebook, and share to other apps including Dropbox and Snapchat.. 2. everyday This nifty little app allows you to make a movie of your life…..well, of your selfies at least. You take a photo of yourself with the app, set yourself a reminder for the next day – time, location or random, line up your face using the overlays, and take another photo. All your snaps get collated into a timelapse of your face so you can see how much, or little as the case may be, you've changed. The new version of the app offers you Dropbox backup and multiple timelines so you can make movies about lots of things - they suggest "your baby, a plant, your gross wound." All worthy subjects in our eyes. 3. insTamoji We bloody love emojis, who doesn't love emojis? We can barely write messages without them, and now you can decorate your snaps with them too. Instamoji is a wonderfully simple app – you choose a photo and apply all the stickers you like! You can even pinch, scale and rotate the emojis, so your pics are perfectly decorated every single time. The Instamoji even teamed up with TV show Girls to offer special themed stickers, like a half- naked Adam and Shoshanna's signature bun. Hopefully more emoji collabs are on the cards. 4. brushsTroke Let your artistic side run wild and turn your phone snaps into bona fide watercolour works of art with a little help from Brushstroke. Again this one is a super simple process – you just pick a pic and press go, the app does all the hard graft and presents you with a painted image. You can customise your artwork with different brush strokes, paint colours and canvas textures, and the app also lets you adjust the saturation and brightness levels. If that's not enough, the Brushstroke folks have teamed up with CanvasPop, to provide you with high quality canvas prints, so you can get your artwork printed, framed and hanging on your wall! Filter kings Instagram launched their latest spin-off, the photo collage app Layout, so to celebrate we're showcasing some of our fave photo editing apps

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