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7 29 Issue 74 / 2015 DNB MC DRS is no stranger to the music world, crossing the borders of sound from UK hip hop to the frenetic pace of DnB to the party bass sound. DRS has demonstrated why he is considered one of the UK's best exports. He took some time out to talk to us about his new album Mid Mic Crisis. In the early days of DnB, alongside MC Conrad, MC DRS managed to successfully bring a human voice to the emotive drum'n'bass music of LTJ Bukem's Good Looking Records empire, performing live at their shows and on some of the Progression Sessions albums. While other MCs struggled to merge rapping with the complex rhythms of drum'n'bass in the late '90s, the man otherwise known as Delroy Pottinger has already proven himself as one of the few MCs able to comfortably rap alongside some of the top drum'n'bass DJs in Britain. With UK hip hop collective BROKE'N'£NGLISH he laid down some real underground music on Estate Recordings and Fat City. Ever expanding the sound, DRS was also asked by Toddla T to get involved and tour with him. Thanks for taking time out and doing this interview at this busy time, your always busy! The album's just hit the street, how are you feeling about the project right now? I'm feeling so good! Finally the people get to listen to what I've been up to in its entirety! It's like a massive weight you carry until its release. Like you said I'm always busy so it just frees my hand to tend to the other three or four projects I have on the go simultaneously. Oof! How would you describe this album compared to the first one? More complete as a body of work, and way more honest. I gained so much from the acceptance of my first album I Don't Usually Like MCs But? - confidence and self-belief in my own limited abilities. The album crosses many styles; it has no musical barriers, was this intentional on this project? I as a person, artist and fan of music love too many styles and genres to limit myself to one. So Mid Mic Crisis is a good representation of some of them and of me. The artwork for your album is quite special, tell us a little about it? Yeah man. Goldie created the artwork for me in the style of his amazing Lost Tribes exhibition last year. In my mind it's the final piece to the series, as I am one of the lost tribes, the honest tribe! After you finished touring the first album did you already have an idea who you wanted to work with on this album producer wise or was it organic? It's always organic. We (me and Marcus) just put the word out and music starts to roll in. A very privileged position to be in. One that I never abuse! Then I begin writing to the stuff that connects. Also I always knew there would be a second, like I know now whether I will make a third haha! Are there any plans for a live band tour of the album? YES! Can't wait. We are just letting the album marinate with the listeners then me, 8 Gold Rings and some guest vocalists will be coming to a town or city near you! And it's going off man! 'Bun Ya Too' by Marcus Intalex ft Chimpo, Fox, Rolla Skittles & Strategy sounds like it was fun. Was that a one studio take as we would love to imagine? Nah man it was in pieces as we only had one mic. If we had two it would have defo been in one piece. The parts overlap in places, so it's virtually impossible to record on one mic in album quality. You have been doing dance festivals for years, I always bump into you out and about, which ones holds special memories for you? I love the energy of festivals. All the different bands, people, music. Over the years I'd say, Roskilde, Miami, Pukkelpop, Lovebox, Parklife, Outlook/Dimensions, and SUN AND BASS! Speaking of festivals, where can we expect to see you performing over the summer months? Yeah I'm gonna be at a load of festivals this summer! Check my social networks for details and come get involved! You must have a personal fave track on the album, without upsetting the others, you can tell us which one it is? I don't have a favourite. That's like having a favourite child! So I'm gonna say 'Mid Mic Crisis' as it's the title track from the project. And probs the most honest. Finally any shout outs and last words? Shout out to anyone supporting my genuine turbulent struggle through music and life! And to anyone taking time out of their own hectic and stressful day to read about mine, it's highly appreciated. Spread love and talk instead of argue. " We are just letting the album marinate with the listeners then me, 8 Gold Rings and some guest vocalists will be coming to a town or city near you" Interviewed by: DJ Chef INTERVIEW DRS

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