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When did it all start for you? 2002, I took it seriously and put away some of the stuff I was doing and gave the majority of my focus to music. Yeah that's what started my journey, it brought me where I am today. Was grime your intro to the music game? It was definitely though grime. I created a crew called So What Crew at the time when Roll Deep just changed from Pay As U Go and everyone formed into Roll Deep, I created a little group. You know the hype of grime stems in east, so I done a lot of travelling over to east and linking up a lot of my family and friends, built the musical connection. From there obviously we're rising within the industry. Tell us about 'Skeng'. 'Skeng' wasn't a part of my life like that. It was the fact that I've walked into a studio to record something, a totally different song, and when I walked in I heard this beat. It was abruptly stopped and the beat that I was about to record came on. After we finished recording these two tunes we did, me and Flowdan at the time, we was walking out of the studio, The Bug put the riddim back on, that we first walked in and heard. And I was saying, "what is this?" and Flowdan was like "no we gotta go, I gotta go, I got my girl downstairs." I'm like "listen, listen, let me just put on the headphones and try a ting, just hear this", and that's what everyone listens to now, what I literally freestyled from start to finish. So all the gaps in between it, where you hear Flowdan saying "skeng", that was parts that I just left for Flowdan to come in and do his bar. You know it wasn't something that I planned because I don't really write songs, everybody knows that we kinda head top them. Tell us about Killin Time. Killin Time is the forthcoming project that I've got coming out now. I'm still recording at the moment, collaborations and et cetera, but there's a lot to come, there's so much. I've got so many songs and things that no one's ever heard, it can easily be four EPs and two mixtapes, so we're just working at the moment, we're not rushing. How do you choose the artists that you work with? I've still got a lot of connections with the foundations, the pioneers of the industry, or industries, cause you know I'm in a few of them. I'm not just in grime, I'm in dubstep, I'm in a bit of bashment as well, so in that I do stay current amongst the up-and-coming, cause you know we have to nurture them and push them, and we still keep the links with the ones that we already had, the foundational links, so that's where I'm at, at the moment. 7 39 Issue 74 / 2015 HIPHOP / RNB South London's Killa P came down to Guestlist to tell us about where it all started for him in the music game and he breaks down how he came up with the bars for the seminal dubstep tune 'Skeng' alongside his cousin Flowdan and respected producer The Bug interview Killa P Interviewed by: DJ Chef " i'm not just in grime, i'm in dubstep, i'm in a bit of bashment as well, so in that i do stay current amongst the up-and-coming" Follow @KillaPmc

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