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6 Issue 74 / 2015 GUESTLIST Good EGGs: Rich Mix The independent cinema and arts venue faces closure over loan repayment dispute It's the same old story, yet another of London's arts venue faces closure. Hot on the heels of Madame Jojo's, The Joiners Arms and Crucifix Lane, Rich Mix is now under threat. Tower Hamlets Council is taking the East London venue to court over the non-repayment of an £850,000 loan. The funds were loaned to Rich Mix back in 2003, but no repayment agreements were ever decided. Now the council have rejected a long-term payment plan proposal, insisting that the funds be paid back in a lump sum, which would bankrupt the organisation. Rich Mix is an independent venue and registered charity; they simply don't have such a large figure sitting idly in a bank account. The fact that they are actively trying to pay back the loan makes the demands for a lump-sum payment even more ludicrous. As Jane Earl, chief executive of Rich Mix has said, "We don't think it is a good use of council taxpayers money to continue with the litigation proceedings, particularly when there is an offer to settle." In a statement, Rich Mix also say that they have not borrowed money from Tower Hamlets Council since 2009, and their only source of public funding comes from Arts Council England. Rich Mix is a fantastic organisation that not only hosts an incredible range of artistic and cultural events, but works with the local community to bring people together and engage them in the arts. The venue hosts over 650 events a year, a third of which are free, and relatively low ticket prices, coupled with family and school oriented workshops, means that the arts are accessible to all. It has poured £315,000 into the creation of an artist rehearsal and development space in the last year, and it screens a range of films not shown in mainstream cinemas. The brightly coloured shutters that make up part of the building's distinctive exterior even pull down to form a giant outdoor screen. The venue means a lot to us here at Guestlist, and it would be truly terrible if it were to close. Quite simply, East London would be a less creative, dynamic and interesting place without Rich Mix in it. It's a valuable, vibrant institution that has done nothing but provide for the community. Thankfully a petition has been set up calling for the council to stop the court case, and it has already garnered over 8,700 signatures. Show your support by signing the petition on

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