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7 9 Issue 74 / 2015 GUESTLIST The Book of Yeezus The Bible gets a pop culture overhaul There's a new book in town for all the disciples of Kanye West, and it comes in at under 15 quid. The creators of The Book of Yeezus have taken the book of Genesis and swapped all mentions of God with the rapper's name, because "For this generation, Generation Y, Kanye West is not only its greatest spectacle but in some senses, a spiritual figure." Preach. This man's TweeT makes us proud To Be BriTish After finding a packet of biscuits that were almost two weeks out of date on sale at a branch of Tesco, @Haraam tweeted the supermarket to let them know that it was #NotCool. Tesco were quick to respond, enquiring about the store in question, which caused @Haraam to pull out this belter of a response: "@Tesco am no grass." The tweet has become an all-time classic, and we'll never know who left the stale biscuits out. Burger - king whopper of a wedding Yes it's happening, a man named Burger is marrying a woman named King TweeTer of The monTh: TourisT As well as skills in the studio, Tourist, the "sad dance music" man has got some serious jokes on Twitter. Here are some of his best bits: He stays on top of current events "If Ed Miliband really wants to connect with young voters he should just do a Boiler Room set". This tweet alone, which has been retweed nearly 2,000 times, is enough to make you fall in love with Tourist. Boiler Room also showed their appreciation with their witty reply, "b2b Bacon Sarnie". Not only is Tourist a comedy genius, but he's self-deprecating too, noting "that Ed Miliband/Boiler Room tweet is more popular than my music". He knows the deal about Coachella Tourist encapsulates everything that the festival is about in fewer than 140 characters with this one, "shout out to all the midriff at Coachella (Both girls and guys)". He knows the emoji struggle is real "10 emojis for trains, 0 for the heartbreak I feel inside." We've all been there. He has accurately predicted the future Tourist gives us a glimpse into the horrifying future we've created for ourselves, "Imagine all those kids who are going to have to be shown slideshows of their grandparents selfies." His lyric analysis game is strong He has unpicked the work of the lyrical genius that is Drake with this excellent observation, "No one has ever started from the bottom, we all started from the womb." Sorry Drake, he's got you there. But best of all, he doesn't take social media too seriously "Today's stats – 7 followers gained, 10 followers lost, no fucks given". We applaud your attitude sir. Follow @Tourist for more comedy gold (and some cracking music). We love Twitter here at Guestlist, and we love it even more when we come across someone doing it right Joel Burger and Ashley King recently got engaged, and to make the announcement, the pair took a photo next to a Burger King sign. They wanted to use the logo to make personalised drinks cups, but the fast food chain went one better than that, offering to pay for the entire wedding. No word yet if Burger King will also be catering the event. Twitter user @Haraam has the best response to Tesco's customer service team

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