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p 8 6 6 . 74 9 . 8 3 2 9 f 8 0 0 . 74 9 . 8 3 2 9 w w w . w a t e r n i t y . c o m F i n i s h e s M a t c h i n g C h a r t | 2 Care & Cleaning Instructions for your Decorative Products: NEVER use harsh alkali or acid-based detergents, abrasive polishes or scouring cleansers when cleaning the decorative products. Also do not use any S.O.S. or Scotch Brite Pads. These are scouring tools and will scratch our decorative finish - it covers no limit to Chrome, lacquer, PVD or others. This cleaning method fits all plumbing fixtures regardless of the material and finish, even stainless can be scratched and colored plastic will develop a dull finish. Do not leave coffee or vinegar laying in bottom of sink basin or on any products. After use, please wipe your product dry with a clean soft cloth. Wiping is important as it will limit water spotting. To clean, just wipe with a damp cloth, and dry with a soft cloth. If necessary, regular Windex can be used. Note: Improper care or misuse will void any warranty claims. Copyright: The contents and design of this catalog are copyrighted. Reproduction of images or text in this catalog is prohibited without prior written consent from Waternity. Waternity is a division of Braxton Harris Company, Inc. F I N I S H E S M A T C H I N G C H A R T Limited Lifetime Warranty: Waternity will provide free of charge, at its option, replacement part(s) or product (or a comparable alternative product) to replace those which have proven defective in materials or workmanship for the life of the product. Waternity will not cover labor expended or damages accruing from the use of our products. If material is defective, the limit of damage is the price of the defective material. Proof of purchase (original sales receipt) from the original consumer purchaser must be made available to Waternity for all warranty claims. The warranty is not transferable and is extended solely to the original purchaser of the product. Harsh and abrasive chemicals, cleaners and plumbers putty used on our products will void the warranty. Finishes are not dishwasher safe. This warranty is for normal domestic use only and excludes defect or injury caused by or resulting from misuse, abuse, neglect, accidental damage, or improper installation. Please refer to the Braxton Harris catalog for the Braxton Harris product warranty. DISTRESSED FINISHES DISTRESSED FINISHES DISTRESSED FINISHES DISTRESSED FINISHES DISTRESSED FINISHES BRUSHED FINISHES MATTE FINISHES POLISHED FINISH (-AB) Aged Brass (-AC) Aged Copper (-AP) Aged Pewter (-OB) Oil Rubbed Bronze (-ROB) Rustic Oil Rubbed Bronze (-SB) Satin Bronze PVD (-SC) Satin Chrome PVD (-SN) Satin Nickel PVD (-SS) Stainless Steel PVD (-PC) Pearl Chrome PVD (-PN) Pearl Nickel PVD (-FB) Flat Black (-NP) Polished Nickel PVD ALSONS Satin Nickel Peral Nickel Bright Nickel ALTMANS Satin Nickel Matte Nickel Polished Nickel AMERICAN ST. Oil Rubbed Bronze (224) Blackened Bronze Satin Nickel Stainless Steel (075) 285 CIFIAL Aged Brass (V05) Distressed Bronze Distressed Nickel (D20) Weathered (W30) Satin Nickel (620) Polished Nickel (721) DANZE Tumbled Bronze (BR), Distressed Bronze (RBD) Distressed Nickel (DN) Oil Rubbed Bronze (RB) Brushed Nickel (BN) Satin Black (BS) Polished Nickel (PNV) DELTA Aged Pewter (PT) Venetian Bronze (RB) Oil Rubbed Bronze (OB) Champagne Bronze (CZ) Brushed Nickel (BN) Stainless (SS) Matte Chrome (MC) Pearl Nickel (NN) Matte Black (BL) Polished Nickel (PN) DORNBRACHT Satin Chrome Matte Platinum Matte Black Platinum GROHE Brushed Nickel (END) Stainless Steel (SDO) Velour Chrome Inifinity (AVO) Soft Black BEO HANSGROHE Satin Chrome Brushed Nickel (82) Satinox (81) Polished Nickel KALLISTA Antique Bronze (BZ) Brushed Nickel (AG) Nickel Silver KOHLER Oil Rubbed Bronze (2BZ) Rubbed Bronze (BRZ) Brushed Bronze (BV) Brushed Chrome (G) Brushed Nickel (BN) Satin Black (TB) Polished Nickel (SN) MOEN Antique Bronze (AZ) Oil Rubbed Bronze (ORB) Pewter (PW), Antique Nickel (AN) Mediterra- nean Bronze (BRB) Brushed Bronze (BB) Brushed Nickel (BN) Platinum (PM) Satine (ST) Wrought Iron (WR) Nickel (NL) NEWPORT BRASS Venetian Bronze (VB) Satin Bronze (10) Satin Chrome (26D) Satin Nickel (15S) Stainless (20) Flat Black (56) Polished Nickel (15) PHYLRICH Satin Chrome Satin Nickel Polished Nickel PRICE PFISTER Rustic Bronze (U) Rustic Pewter (E) Tuscan Bronze (Y) Brushed Nickel (K) Black SANTEC Satin Chrome (15) Satin Nickel (75) Chrome Frost (17) Nickel Frost (77) Wrot Iron (91) Polished Nickel (70) DISTRESSED FINISHES BRUSHED FINISHES MATTE FINISHES Waternity is in no way stating our product is an exact match to the other listed manufacturers. This cross reference is intended to show our closest match only.

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