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NORTH REDONDO BEACH Redondo Beach is very popular due to its easy access to the Freeway, airport, and Downtown Los Angeles. It is relatively simple to reach all major commuter arteries throughout the South Bay and Los Angeles from North Redondo Beach. When originally designed, North N Redondo was separated into several distinct areas. Like most of the area, Redondo Beach was developed post World War II. The majority of the buyers at the time took up work at many of the local aerospace companies. The residential portion to the furthermost North and East is known as the TRW tract. It got its namesake due to its closeness to the TRW business complex located near that area. The TRW tract is zoned R1, the lots measure an average of 5,000 square feet however, because the streets are not in the typical grid pattern, some of the lots are much bigger and, in some cases, they can exceed 10,000 square feet. Most of the area has retained its original character but there are certainly a few homes that have been razed and new ones erected in their place. The average home size is approximately 1400 square feet and these homes are modest in price compared to most of the Beach Cities. ow that we have examined A large portion of North Redondo South Redondo Beach let's take a closer look at North Redondo. North Beach was originally zoned R2. Since the majority of the R2 lots are 7,500 square feet (or 50 feet by 150 feet), it allows for developers to tear down the old small homes and build 2 brand new townhomes in its place. As most people know, land in California is expensive, so being able to split the cost of the land between two separate homeowners makes it easier to afford to live in the beach area. The majority of the townhomes are approximately 2,400 square feet in size and offer most of the modern amenities that today's buyers have come to expect. Luxury items like granite counter-tops, gourmet style kitchens, and large master suites with spa tubs. The area to the North of Artesia Blvd and South of Grant avenue was originally zoned R4. This zoning allowed for 3 townhomes to be built on the same 7,500 square foot lot. Because the townhomes are smaller (approximately 1,900 square feet) they become even more affordable than the two-on-a-lot design. If you are traveling East and South in North Redondo you will find another tract that is mainly zoned R1. It is in the traditional grid pattern, thus most lots are either 50 x 100 feet. A few streets find the rare 50 x 150 feet lot. The homes are typically 1,600 square feet in size and also remain modest in price compared to the rest of the Beach Cities. Now head West, just on the edge of Hermosa Beach, and you will find what is called the Golden Hills. It is somewhat reminiscent of homes in San Francisco. They call these homes "Tall and Skinny". They aren't actually that tall, just two story homes, but you certainly could say they are skinny. This district was zoned R1A which means you certainly can split the typical 50 x 100 lot in 1/2, resulting in a lot that measures 25 feet wide by 100 feet deep. Instead of building townhomes, developers have built two side-by-side, detached, single family homes. The side yard set backs are approximately 3 feet which results in setting your neighbors a full 6 feet away, making it an easy reach if you need to borrow some sugar. For those owners and buyers that don't like the idea of sharing, as you do on a townhome property, this is the next best thing. Averaging approximately 2,000 square feet, the typical home has a reverse floor plan with the living area, kitchen and Master bedroom suite located on the upper level and the secondary bedrooms on the lower level. The design is due to the fact that the garage takes up too much space to allow for enough living and kitchen space to be on the first floor. The prices are very similar to the two-on-a-lot townhomes. The difference becomes clear when comparing floor plans and locations. Most are located as far West as you can go in North Redondo. The floor plans work great for couples and families with older children. It does become a little more challenging if you have a baby or toddler on the first floor and the master on the 2nd floor. If the floor plan suits your lifestyle, it is a smart way to affordably buy a single family home in a great school district, while also living near the beach. The balance of the area is intermixed with apartment buildings and duplexes. Because of the mixed zoning and constant changing of zoning rules, the area has remained eclectic in style which adds to the allure and uniqueness of this great beach town. To summarize, there are many pros of living in North Redondo Beach, including easy access to freeways and typically a little less expensive pricing than South Redondo Beach. However, if you need to see or hear the water, then head South and you can easily find what you are looking for in South Redondo Beach. Many of our clients at SportStar Relocation are players for the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Kings. A countless number of them have made either North or South Redondo Beach a place to call home. Like them, you are sure to find a property that will certainly match your budget and needs. Watch North Redondo Market trends weekly at THE CITY OF REDONDO BEACH TAKES PRIDE IN BRINGING CULTURE AND THE ARTS TO THE SOUTH BAY. THE REDONDO BEACH PERFORMING ARTS CENTER, LOCATED WHERE AVIATION HIGH SCHOOL ONCE STOOD, SEATS JUST UNDER 1,500. THE CENTER REGULARLY HOSTS THE SPECTACULAR DISTINGUISHED SPEAKER SERIES, PRODUCTIONS BY THE LOS ANGELES BALLET, AND MUCH MORE.

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