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ONLINE For more resources on how to defend the Catholic faith, visit Merging in tra c » 14 Where do you think peace comes from? Nuns are nice » 12 Reaction to meeting religious sisters Confused? » 8 Get 'your Pope Francis' straight from Pope Francis Mothers in the Bible » 4 The must- read manual for moms S uddenly, Terry Polakovic found herself at a crossroads. Should she speak up to defend her beliefs before a group swapping contrary ideas, or silently disagree and let it slide? The scene was a Super Bowl party. The group's conversation was over same-sex marriage. "They were all very much in favor of it," Polakovic said. After listening a while to the chatter, she jumped in the conversation. "I spoke up and said, 'Gay marriage is not natural.' That is all I could think of to say, and the others quickly dismissed my comment," Polakovic recalled. "I remem- ber there was one guy in particular who was more hostile. He just looked at me and told me that it was not our place to judge the lifestyle of other people." Even as she was launching Endow (Educating on the Nature and Dignity of Women) to help other Catholic women learn their faith, she felt ill-equipped. "I was very embarrassed because it was the fi rst time I had ever spoken up for my faith," she said. "At that point in my life, I would just disagree in silence. How- ever, that circumstance motivated me to learn much more about what the Church teaches regarding marriage, and how best to respond to the gay marriage issue." It's a scenario many Catholics may relate to. A discussion ensues at the BY NISSA LAPOINT 303-715-3138 ONLINE For more resources on how to defend the Catholic faith, visit You believe what? VOLUME XCI - NO. 16 | 115 YEARS OF SERVICE TO THE GOSPEL | MAY 2-8, 2015 | @DenverCatholic | | PHOTO BY BLUE SKY IMAGES | » 6

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