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36 • A&E JUNE 2015 SUBLIMATION QUICK STOP Sublimation By Kevin Lumberg & TJ Kvilhaug CONSTANT TEMPERATURE MUG PRESSES The first type of mug press we'll examine is one that maintains a constant heating temperature. For this type of mug press, you set the press to approximately 400 degrees. Some items may require a lower temperature depending on coatings, so you will need to check with your vendor to find out their recommendations. The second setting on this type of press is the dwell time, or the time that the mug is heated in the mug press. The dwell time is something that will also change based on the size of the mug, as well as the coating on the mug. Sublimation mugs can have a soft coating or a hard coating. Soft coatings are generally cheaper and softer as the name denotes, and the sub- limation process happens quicker due to those properties, so the dwell time in the mug press will be shorter. The thing to remember is that the easier the sublimation dyes go into the material, the easier it is for them to come out. Soft-coated mugs are generally not dishwasher safe whereas hard-coated mugs typically are. Again, check with your vendor for information on how the mugs will hold up to washing, or even better, test them yourself. LOW IDLE TEMPERATURE MUG PRESSES The second type of mug press is a press that idles at a lower temperature. What do we mean by that? Whereas the con- stant temperature mug presses have two settings, the low idle presses have three settings. The first setting is the idle temperature. This is the temperature that the mug press operates at when you are not pressing a mug, or when the mug press is idling. T here are many different mug presses out and about in the sublima- tion world these days, and there are subtle differences in how they function and what products they can sublimate. It is important to understand what the differences are because, due to these variations, they press mugs and other cylindrical products differently. They use varying times, temperatures or a different combination of both. The following article will examine the different types and varying characteristics. What's the Deal with Mug Presses? ALL IMAGES COURTESY KEVIN LUMBERG AND TJ KVILHAUG A variety of products can be sublimated in a mug press.

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